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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Smooth, shining and curved the warm color of carnelian was selected for this cuff bracelet for the rivers of natural cream and white in the stone. The bracelet has drama. The color will cause you to marvel at the myriad beauties that nature bestows to our lives. Nature provided the stone. Man enhanced it by sculpting and polishing the stone to make it shine. The cuff has heft. When first placed on the wrist, I thought it heavy. Wearing it a while, the style and beauty replaced the sense of weight. The bracelet fits over a hand, glove sized 6 1/2 to 7 and a medium or large wrist. Inner diameter is 2 5/8ths. Depth of cuff north to south is 1 5/8th in.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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French jet jewelry was popular as a fashion statement in the last quarter of the 19th century. It is a shiny black glass, cut into varying shapes and faceted as if the bits were gems. Our present example is a collar with a central star or flower. The star has multiple levels of jet with a high point that resembles a double chrysanthemum. The highest point of the medallion sits at the lower part of the nape of the neck making the remainder of the star fall lower. It consists of multiple shapes of jet. Fun, light in weight and dramatic, it is a piece of antique jewelry enjoyable all seasons with all clothing. The condition is very good. Length 15 inches. Hight 2 1/4 inches. English c.1870
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Steel, berlin iron, or silesian wire woven as if fabric, is the material of this pair of rare fine mesh bracelets which connect and become a delicate and seductive necklace. The material is so very light that it does not encumber the wrist or neck. Imagine making fine steel or berlin ironl strands, lighter than a butterfly wing, and weaving it into mesh or cutting tiny steel nailheads and faceting them as if they were gemstones. Steel was a highly valued commodity for centuries. Men wore intricate faceted steel buckles on their shoes in the 18th century. Jewelry for women came later. The workmanship was done bit by bit completely by hand. Even Napolean no slouch he, gave a steel parure to his second wife. Marie Louise. Although much of the history of steel or iron design has been established, we cannot always identify whether the jewelry originated in France or England. We know this pair of bracelets dates to the early 19th century, c. 1810. Their condition is perfect. The clasps are tight. One bracelet is smaller than the other by a fraction. It has the same pattern but it is worked more closely. They are a pair, nonetheless and display beautifully, as the slight variation adds interest as bracelets or as a necklace. The material appears to be lace. Measurements: Bracelet #1 is 7 1/4 in end to end and 1 1/16 wide. Bracelet #2 is 7 1/16th end to end and the same width. A single bracelet can be chosen for the price of $3300.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Beautiful, unique and eye catching, this large brooch of jet has powerful presence and deep meaning. Although jet jewelry predated the passing of Prince Albert, it became a recognized accessory during Queen Victoria's extended mourning period. Albert was her much beloved partner. The queen imposed a mourning code which prohibited jewels other than black to be worn at court during her years of mourning. All classes of people wore jet in honor of and in sympathy for their queen. It became admired and worn for its beauty This brooch is extraordinary in size and design. The sculptural quality is appealing to the touch and to the eye. It is a marvelous fashion accessory. The direct connection with an historic period in English history make it worthy of a collection. English c 1870. Condition is excellent. Measurements 2 3/4 in. wide. 2 3/8 in. high