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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Gem cut bits of color are winsome in the gold engraved floral frame of this Victorian locket. The locket is raised engraving on the circumference and engine turned on the reverse. The engine turned engraving is done with a machine that enables the engraver to make very fine and regular lines in precious metal. Enlarge photo #4 to see the graduated diamond forms created by this lost art. It is known that jewelry is modified as it passes from one relative to another. I venture a guess, and it is only a guess, that this locket may once have held an early photograph that was exchanged for the tourmalines. It is also true that the stones could be original. The one inch diameter of this locket, as it richly shines with color evokes a smile. Chain sold separately. Excellent Condition
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
She will never remove this diamond heart but will treasure it and the affection it represents. Twenty-eight old mine and transitional diamonds dance in the light of day or evening. The bale or loop made for your chain bears gems as well. The heart is puffy and has a heart shaped opening in back like a peep hole through which to see the center stone. The message: Look into my heart. " So lovely, it will add romance to every day. Made of 18kt gold. A mere inch in length with a shine that surpasses most.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Here is a rock crystal cross, that is not only a religious symbol but a breath taking sculptural jewel and statement of individuality and elegant choice. With clean, simple lines and hand carved prism forms, this cross provokes a gasp in reaction to its natural beauty. The basic form of the cross is simple geometry. The poles north, east, south, and west are cut off squares with interior prisms cut into the crystal. Enlarge the photos and you will appreciate how the artist emphasized and volumized the geometry and dimension in this linear form. Lengthly and abbreviated triangles were expertly carved by the jeweler and polished to arrest our eyes and amaze us. All lines are strong and join at the center where an "x" of crystal meets all points. Here the center does hold our senses. The gold top cap agrees with the triangular details. There are no scuffs or abrasions to the crystal or to the gold. c.1940 Wonderful. c. 1940 Perfect Condition Measurements 3 1/2 in long, 2 in wide
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
This flexible bracelet appears to be a tapestry in spun gold. Enlarge the image and you will see positive and negative space, a lace-like pattern and unusual texture. The gold has a warm color with a tinge of pink in the formula. Beautiful and extremely comfortable the bracelet is wearable with all forms of dress and can be a constant companion. Many wrist ornaments are removed when the computer is used so that the owner has freedom of movement. The flexibility makes removing this piece unnecessary. The clasp is strong and tight. This bracelet will fit most wrists. Price