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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Stop for a moment and realize that each of the perfectly matched small pearls woven into this necklace was created by an act of nature, a beautifiul irritation that created a a glowing orb of white light. Whereas the classic string of pearls consists of one bead following another in a line, these pearls have been woven into a tight box rope separated by open segments that are cage-like forms. The necklace offers a perfect degree of refinement and feminine appeal to woman of any age. Seed pearl necklaces were classic in the mid 19th century. Today they are scarce and an unusual breath of fresh air. Imagine this as a bride's adornment to be worn forever thereafter at the neck of a simple shirt. The clasp is a Victorian tube clasp with a safety lock. Length is 18 1/2 inches. Condition is excellent
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Strands : Pearls : Pre 1920 item #721110 (stock #2723)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Call it pearl and gold, or appropriately silk and pearls, for this necklace is silken to the touch. Smoothness is a virtue in a jewel. It suggests comfort for the wearer that only an accomplished metalsmith can create. The French were masters of fine workmanship and great detail. Seventy-two pearls, perfectly matched in shape, color and size nestle between golden orbs and differentiate themselves geometrically as they emanate from small golden cubes. Perfect and perfectly elegant, this is a neckpiece to be worn day, night and always. France, c.1910-20. Length 18 inches, width approximately 1/2 inch.