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Glorious Antique Jewelry
This gem of a pendant is graced with color splashed opals which are an excellent choice for suggesting the petals of a flower. All that is missing is the floral scent. The stones radiate colors of pink green and white. Bright white diamonds add to the gem quality and to the delicacy. The pendant is lovely for women young and less so, and is infinitely wearable. The gold chain is included in the price. English Origin Condition is perfect. Please don't pull the petals.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
A garland of sparkle, this pendant is delightfully feminine and an unique piece of Art Nouveau jewelry. It was was a treasure to find and will be a prize for a woman to receive. French paste of the period was made in silver, most often with closed back settings. Our pendant is silver and gold. The Art Nouveau movement lent itself to delicate designs of nature. Garlands and flowing ribbons were typically French in style and taste. Suggestions for wear are to suspend the pendant from a silver chain, a lovely ribbon, as seen in period paintings or to downplay it, on a circular band of leather, or rubber. The condition is excellent.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Our Queen of the Beasts makes a roaring statement with her ruby eyes, hand engraved deep detail and a lion's taste for diamonds. Her feline eyes, and mouth are fearsome and strong, though she has a soft touch. The nose and brow are realistic. The mane, flying as if it was a pair of wings, extends horizontally as the bold cat speeds on her journey. She is kept in tow by a golden chain that will hold her at your neck. With the chain detached, the necklace is a brooch. Loops existed for our chain to be added. This necklace was made during the Art Noveau movement, one hundred and ten years ago, when hand work was stressed above machine made jewels. The name Nannye E. Bell is inscribed in script on the back along with the date 1902.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Rich blue, the color of a clear, late night sky sets the background for diamonds on this utterly, perfect necklace and locket . Henry Blank and Co. the American Newark jeweler responsible for this necklace is known for incorporating the best quality gems available. The design combines elements of concurring periods. The butterfly above and the diamond and the scrolling vines that encircle the locket, are designs seen in the Art Nouveau movement. The blue translucent engine turned enamel was an enameling technique used through the Art Deco Period. The delicacy of the chain and of the entire necklace can be attributed to Edwardian jewelry in which platinum was first used. The enamel radiates from the center five diamonds as sun's rays reach out from the sun. The blue, rich and gleaming, as if lit from behind, is the perfect color to enhance the diamonds above it. An original chain, rarely found with this example of a locket, has elongated oval links the color of the pendant. The design on the engraving of the links is a herringbone pattern. Tasteful glitter and harmony pervade this jewel which is in superb condition. The length reaches the center of the breast at 21 inches. The diameter of the locket is 1 1/4 inches. There are two photographs of handsome men within the locket although the photo displays one. Remove them and replace with your own photos. Scrolls are engraved on the reverse depicting initials that form a fanciful pattern. A change of attitude can be accomplished by wearing the locket on a navy blue ribbon at the nape of the neck. The diamonds are european cut stones. All original. Condition: Immaculate See "American Jewelry Manufacturers, page 46 for a fascinating history of the Henry Blank firm which began in 1886 under the ownership of N.E. Whiteside, later the president of Dun & Bradstreet!
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Beaming sunlike through wisps of gold filigree is a flame of citrine. Like points in an orbit, pearls surround the stone on all sides. This is a lacy pendant, too sizable to be termed delicate. Edwardian jewels were designed concurrently with the Art Nouveau movement and share some of its qualities. The designs scrolled, curved and curled have a naturalistic quality in which there is a sense of the jewelers' hand.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
From the early 20th century comes this repousse sunflower locket that is artistic and beautiful. Lockets are a favorite piece of jewelry for every day wear. This jewel will never be removed from the neck. Enlarge the image to get the full effect of the gold work. The raised floral motif is finely worked. A spark of diamond rests in the front center to catch a glint of light as you walk. The gold is uniform on the locket's face and on the reverse although photographic lighting creates shading. Inside is a space for a photograph. This is a gift for a lifetime. The condition is perfect. Measurement: 1 in. in circumference The chain, also 15kt gold, is separately priced and is Victorian with its original clasp. It is 16 in. long
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
The pure beauty and glow of this moonstone, diamond and 18kt gold pendant is so great that I lack for words of accurate description. Like a creation of nature, one cannot replicate the sublime perfection of this jewel with a story or a photograph. This is exactly what the jewelers of the Art Nouveau movement aimed for, to make jewels that relate to nature and the hand of man, rather than the less human machine made jewels that were the rage after the industrial revolution. Collectors want moonstones to be gem quality. This stone is. It is a dome that is approximately 3/4 of a sphere. The stone glows with adularescence, a term that describes a milky blue white sheen found in fine moonstones that emit a light reminiscent of a full moon on a unforgettable evening. Curvacerous and floral forms and perfect symmetry are the typical, textbook, art nouveau characteristics of this jewel. The gold is warm and bloomed to a soft flame. The pearl at bottom is ovoid and gleaming in hues that relate to the moonstone. Small diamonds at all compass points are the stars adjacent to the moon. Workmanship, form and quality are museum worthy. The pendant sings of refinement and a master's hand. Suspended from its own 14kt hallmarked chain the length of the entire is 10 inches, a length that will show the pendant from an open color or rounded neckline be it high or low. The stone rises close to 1/2 of an inch from a flat surface. The width of the pendant is 1 1/4 inch. The length without the chain included is 2 1/4 in. Condition is superb.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Moonstones, filled with the romance of moonlight, have a milky hue with tints of blue, pink and yellow as the light around them changes. The Victorians favored the stones for their natural connection to the moon, not to dismiss June and spoon, and to their seductive light know as adularescence, the shimmer of color they hold. Victorians, Edwardians and folks living in the Art Nouveau era, thought these jewels had magical properties. In some nations folks expected good dreams or lovely visions at night if they wore these gems or put them beneath their pillow. The "Glorious" double moonstone pendant holds gem quality stones set in 18kt gold. In both drops, the moonstones are centered by a star and separated by golden triangles. Set at an angle with triangular shapes between them, there is a geometric quality which to me, makes the necklace look transitional between art nouveau and art deco. Cut in cabouchon, a smooth unfasceted cut, the translucent glow is emphasized. Dimension does not show on a flat screen, nor does play of color in a delicately reflective gem. The necklace is a beauty with unusual romantic associations and qualities. c.1915 - 1920 . Measurement of Pendant. 3 in. long. Width 1 1/4 in. Chain 16 3/4. Condition is perfect strong and can be an everyday jewel. The chain is adustable thus the necklace can be worn at two lengths that differ an inch and three quarters.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
This sparkling 18kt gold and diamond art nouveau bracelet is an example of the superb workmanship of French jewelers. The jeweling is fine enough to wear the bracelet back to front. Oval segments form soft toned 18kt golden links that are cut into tiny flowers and leaves. Five segments include a full round European cut diamond. Rose Cut Diamonds embellish the leaves on the three central sections. There is a sense of movement in this bracelet due to the effect of the curvilinear lines of each oval link. Curved silver and gold metal work forming natural patterns are synonymous with the art nouveau movement. The cut out work is clean and well defined. Do enlarge the images to get the full beauty. The gold glistens with a lovely soft hue that is warming. This jewel is as wearable and elegant today as it was in the Art Nouveau period. It is a bracelet that is always right. C. 1895 - 1915. Measures just a spot over ½ inch from the top of link to its bottom; 7 inches long when clasped. Length is 7 1/8 inches, width is a spot over 1/2 inch.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Subtle coloration and an unusual mix in an art nouveau necklace, this piece is like spring, delicate and a breath of fresh air. The aquamarine is pale blue. the peridot a definite but light toned green. Each stone is a perfect neighbor to the other as there is no single strong element but rather a harmony of tone and proportion. The 15ct gold, with some pink color added, holds and adds to the harmony. Delicacy, grace, elegance and femininity all in one antique necklace.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
This gemstone and gold necklace is textbook art nouveau. Leaves of gold swirl toward a central heart shaped vine. Swags of detailed chain support the central nature inspired element that brings faceted amethysts, baroque pearls and diamonds to rest on the neck. The lower pear shaped amethyst echoes the pear shapes of the two pearls above it. Two round diamonds echo the orb of amethyst in the center of the heart. The amethysts are rich in hue and natural in color. American jewelry is a find. Our jewelry industry was still young in these years. Romantic and dignified, this necklace is a tour d' force of art nouveau design and craftmanship.American. Height 2 in. Width 17 1/2 Condition is Perfect
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Glorious Antique Jewelry is proud to offer this textbook gold art nouveau pendant necklace, which highlights a matrix turquoise, five small rose diamonds a small round turquoise at the central ribbon swirl and a lovely oval turquoise drop at bottom The entire pendant is edged with granulation. Typical of fine art nouveau, this jewel is crafted meticulously with an eye to perfect balance and proportion. This jewel is so beautiful, it deserves close attention to its elements. Nature unfolds in its vines, leaves, buds and berries. Each separate detail adds dimension and texture. Although the swirls and curves are bordered with tiny gold spheres, the sense we get it that the pendant expands past its frame. .This is a necklace to be given and worn with pride. A period chain is available aand sold separately. Alternatively, this pendant can be worn on a variety of ribbons and tied to the desired length.English c. 1895-1915