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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Topped by diamond tiaras and bows, these earrings made us gasp at their elegance when we first saw them. Click on the enlargements and this elegance will be apparent to you. The garnets are a perfect red wine color that flash red with light. They are not imposing yet noticeable because of their unique beauty. The condition is excellent. They will arrive in their original box imprinted with the name of the British company that first made or sold them. Made in England c. 1860, they were perfect to us and will be to you as well.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
A magnificent example of history are these chandelier torpedo earrings from early 1800, made in the United Kingdom. They are light on the ear and completely original other than the shepherd hooks which were likely a type of hook less convenient to contemporary needs. Antique earrings are dear and rare to find in original condition, as many have lost the tops. We have come to respect this fact and do not devalue earrings with fine replacement top sections. These earrings are decorated with granulation, or tiny orbs of gold applied on the long stem part. Father time knows how this was applied without glue or solder. The top and lowest section are engraved in repousse, the method of engraving where the gold sheet is pushed out into a design from the back creating volume and dimension. The magical secret of Pinchbeck is that no expertise was spared in its creation, rather it took a master of ingenuity and expertise. The formula of Pinchbeck was created by an alchemist who was a British Watchmaker. He concentrated on making the first fine gold metal that was not actually gold. He and his son were the only living to know the formula. It is a marvelous gold metal that never tarnishes, is a comfortable weight and is strong and durable. It became sought after by royalty jewelry lovers throughout the world. Made only for a short period, it is valuable, desirable and precious. Later gold filled and gold plated jewelry does not match the beauty. Pinchbeck jewelry has a value equal to gold when it is the true, original pinchbeck. When found it is sold by the finest antique jewelers. Condition is fabulous For more about Pinchbeck go to the jewelry history books such as "Georgian Jewelry" written by Ginny Dawes and Olivia Collings. See Page 33 for two examples of earrings, one with new tops, one with original tops.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
The form and condition of these Victorian earrings is perfect from top orb to clamper below. Smooth shining bells, the symbol of friendship and peace are made from Jet from the city of Whitby England. They will move as you do but will not put weight on your ears or cause ringing to disconcert you. The shepherd hook ear wires are 15kt gold. The town of Whitby was the primary source of jet jewelry that became a court necessity when Prince Albert died unexpectedly. Queen Victoria would allow no color jewelry other than black in her presence. Jet then became an object of fashion for the populace, creating a need and source of income for the town of Whitby and English jewelers. c1860-70#3536
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
One of the many design characteristics in 1870 Great Britain was whimsy and humor, both of which are present in these belted banded agate earrings. A buckle on the ears or wrist, a corset on a bracelet, bangles that appear to be shirt cuffs with ruffles, zippers and straps as elements of design on lockets, birds nests hanging from earrings are but a few examples of daytime jewelry, both fun and serious, that represented a design of the era. The fascination and appreciation of nature was strong at this time. Here, the careful cut, and polish of banded agate honors that natural bent. The agate stone with black, brown and white coloration was cut shaped into orbs masterfully making the colors equal in each. Gold ear wires were placed on straps of gilt metal, the process now known as vermeil. The top layer of the metal is gold. The earrings are strong, original and unique in the world of design today. Excellent condition. 1 1/2 inches in length. English origin.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
The detail here is superb. The quality never replicated to my eyes and in my years. Inverted blue hearts or shields suspend urns of blue and white enamel drawn on 18kt gold. Small gold beads are applied to the top and to the lowest point of each triangle and can be seen from behind where the gold is not enameled. As urns often do, these have handles, here fashioned of twisted gold. Shepherds hooks hold the earrings securely in the ear. The weight is light and comfortable. Condition is immaculate.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1253516
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Prisms of pique work were carefully incised with flower forms that then were filled with silver and gold. This is delicate work that was performed by artists in the latter quarter of the 19th century, c. 1870 most often in France or Russia. This art form was done for a short period of the Victorian era and as there is no fine reproduction today, These are medium length earrings, wearable and very light in weight. The condition is perfect.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1247443
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Fun and easily wearable, this pair of Victorian earrings is made with dangling orbs of white enamel wrapped in golden vines. The vines terminate in turquoise floral buds. At the earlobe is a small flower also centered by a turquoise. Light in color that is lively, the earrings are light on the ear as well. The gold is the English standard 15kt. They bring the cheer of an ice cream treat with sprinkles and are in original and in perfect condition.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Old mine cut diamonds add a pinch of spice to a lovely pair of Victorian earrings that are timeless.Take note please that the darkened areas shown in the photograph are not at all visible in the earrings but an exaggeration of the camera magnification. The earrings are European in origin, a strikingly interesting texture and in excellent condition. Light on the ear they measure a petite 15/16 ths of an inch in length although they appear grander because of the nice size of the bottom orbs. Definitely a pair to wear constantly.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Superb quality earrings designed with the flourish of garlands, have been made of foiled pastes in the manner and fine execution of Georgian and Victorian earrings. From the tiny pastes to the large teardrops, all stones were cut and polished then set like gemstones. No time was spared in the design of the silver which is rounded, pillow like and smooth. The brilliant pastes are the rare pink color that flatters all women. Paste this fine was an art form in earlier eras. The jeweler who made this pair of chandelier ear drops, knew jewelry history and had the desire to create and did create the same quality of hand work and stone setting that challenged jewelers at the beginning of the 19th century. Superb hand work was in line with the turn of the century. Think of the Art Nouveau movement which ran concurrently to the Edwardian aesthetic. It was a movement that valued the hand's on art of the individual over machine made jewelry. Superb Condition.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre Victorian : Pre 1837 VR item #1232997 (stock ##3479)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Brilliant and glistening foiled diamonds were hand cut and polished with each stone individually shaped and set. For this "all by hand" method, no two stones are exactly the same in shape or size. This fact is important in determining the age of antique jewelry and one reason why Georgian jewelry is desired. All diamonds are set in pinched rub-over settings. The center oval gem is freely suspended and gives gentle movement to the earring catching the light. These are delicious earrings in a size that can be worn with a bridal gown or with blue denim, They are ultra feminine and elegant.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Pre 1920 item #1229605 (stock #DN)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
The chandelier earrings are typical of Colonial Mexican design. The silver is worked in curved, substantial silver wire. The spiral silver swirls are known as cannetille work. A flower at top suspends a layered bow that is tasseled with turquoise beads. The lower sections are teardrops of silver and turquoise. Each section is woven with turquoise beads of the early 20th century. The reverse is exactly the same as the forward side. You will look dramatic and beautiful coming and going! Well made in fine silver, one can just imagine earrings like these on the artist Frida Kahlo, hair back, gazing at us in singular Colonial Mexican glamour,. Condition superb. The length of the earrings is 2 7/8 in. The width at widest is 1 1/8 in at the end of the bow ties.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1229126 (stock ##3390)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Deliciously cheerful, clear pink paste stones have been cut in rounded squares and suspended from white paste round stones. The earrings, set in gold are a length for wearing day or evening with every type of clothing. No formality necessary. Smiles are inherent. Victorian c. 1870 England. Excellent Condition
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1227711 (stock ##3388)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
How can delicate, sparkling drops have such drama and presence. The shape and individuality of these earrings is responsible for the effect. The flat photograph can show the form but not the presence of these earrings. I wore them at a dealer's show when I bought them and was tapped by exhibitors telling me they like my earrings. Beautiful light and in excellent condition, the stone setting of various shapes and size pastes is the signal of their Victorian history. The paste gems are in closed back settings and have been foiled to capture all light available at the time. At night the candles made them shimmer as if they were diamonds. To us, they are just as precious.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1226508 (stock ##3464)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
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Revered as a symbol of life force and fertility, an offshoot of the mighty oak, here interpreted in the hammered gold leaves, acorn earrings have found their way to our offering for fall. These are light in weight and wearable Victorian earrings. Applied golden wiring, twisting at the acorn cap, gives excellent texture to the golden gems. Complete with their original box and in excellent condition.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Victorian : Pre 1837 VR item #1222118 (stock ##3450)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Only once before did I find a pair of sterling silver earrings in which the silver segments were faceted like 19th century antique cut diamonds. One has to use a loup to ascertain if the silver is silver or diamond. Fair to say that they are as unique as they are handsome. Two concentric oval hoops of high carat gold are topped with silver just the way that gem set jewelry was made in this period. You find gold floral accents at the top connection and at center where an antique diamond, rough cut, is set in its gold frame. There is movement, elegance and drama to the earrings. They are light on the ear and lighten the heart, Beautiful condition. c. 1820. 2 1/4 inches long.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1980 item #1222088 (stock #5600.00)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Quintessential Seaman Schepps mottled shell earrings are capped with cabochon turquoise in clear bright blue. The earrings, medium sized, are washed in natural green and brown tones beautiful with the blue of the turquoise. The spirals of the shell wind their way to a secure gold cradle of 18kt. An elegant constantly wearable earring that is equipped with posts and clips so as to suit all. The posts will be removed if they are not needed. c.1970. Pristine Condition Size approximately 1 3/8 in
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre Victorian : Pre 1837 VR item #1219920 (stock ##3391)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Georgian gold and garnet earrings c. 1820 are 15kt gold with foiled garnets. The form, an unusual shape, looks more like an insect than it does the floral form of small garnet earrings we see more often. As there was no electricity at this time, jewelers foiled gemstones and semi precious stones with a sliver of metal or foil material behind the stones to catch and reflect the available light. Very fine in condition, the earrings are English and drop 1 1/2 inches fro
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Pre Victorian : Pre 1837 VR item #1215291
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Seductive and enticing, these Georgian cushion cut paste earrings are approximately 4cts each or 8 cts TW. Notice the black dot in the center resembling the culet in old mine diamonds. Diamond facets grace the perimeter around a high square table. Oftentimes, believe it, diamonds are not suitable yet a woman wants the brightness and glow. Antique jewelry lovers covet this rare shape of Georgian paste ear drop at those times. Paste making was a high art in the early 19th century bringing fame and fortune to the best stone cutters and setters. Royalty lead the fashion and had their own special paste makers. The pastes were cut in the manner of fine gemstones and had their place and beauty. Ours are set in pronged silver the backs of which are gold washed. The ear wires are gold. The stones are 6/16 of an inch square. The earrings drop 10/16 of an inch, Immaculate condition.