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Glorious Antique Jewelry
A superb quality example of hand cut steel jewelry c. 1830. The large brooch was made to shine in candlelight. No electric lights were in existence. To attract surrounding light, tiny pieces of steel were faceted like antique diamonds and set into a frame of the jeweler's design with minuscule rivets. The finest examples contain various sizes of steel "stones. This dazzling brooch uses faceted and mirrored steel. The result attained is unique and quite fantastic. Take particular notice of the condition by checking the back of the brooch as well as the front. The condition is excellent
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Brilliant and glistening foiled diamonds were hand cut and polished with each stone individually shaped and set. For this "all by hand" method, no two stones are exactly the same in shape or size. This fact is important in determining the age of antique jewelry and one reason why Georgian jewelry is desired. All diamonds are set in pinched rub-over settings. The center oval gem is freely suspended and gives gentle movement to the earring catching the light. These are delicious earrings in a size that can be worn with a bridal gown or with blue denim, They are ultra feminine and elegant.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Breath catching pear shape garnets drop and sway from horizontal ovals and wrap the entire neck in luscious red, a color that is seductive on every woman. Red is the color of passion and love. The setting for this Georgian delicacy is 15 kt gold. The garnets are set in gold cups with a foil inner backing. The clasp is original. Necklace is shown in original antique box. This is one of the most beautiful garnet necklaces we have found from the 1820 era. No electricity existed at the time that this jewel was made. Daylight and the light of a candle were enhanced by the flat cut stones and their foil lining. The condition is superb.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Only once before did I find a pair of sterling silver earrings in which the silver segments were faceted like 19th century antique cut diamonds. One has to use a loup to ascertain if the silver is silver or diamond. Fair to say that they are as unique as they are handsome. Two concentric oval hoops of high carat gold are topped with silver just the way that gem set jewelry was made in this period. You find gold floral accents at the top connection and at center where an antique diamond, rough cut, is set in its gold frame. There is movement, elegance and drama to the earrings. They are light on the ear and lighten the heart, Beautiful condition. c. 1820. 2 1/4 inches long.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
After years, with cheers, we offer a rock crystal Maltese Cross with clear, brilliant foiled stones. The center stone is black dot in the style of an old mine diamond. Silver front to blend with the white crystal with no distracting metal showing and a gold back. The crystals are set in closed back foiled settings. The cross is a pendant or a brooch and sparkles through day and evening with eye catching beauty. Possibly English. C,1810. Immaculate condition. Approximately 1 1/2 inches high and wide. The chain shown on the model is sold separately. The Maltese Cross was an item of fashion in the 18th and 19th century, and became so because a certain infamous mistress wore it to society balls, to bespeak her honor. This certain lady, received the Cross of Malta from Russia for sending food in aid of Maltese citizens. It has always been connected with rescue and works of valor.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Georgian gold and garnet earrings c. 1820 are 15kt gold with foiled garnets. The form, an unusual shape, looks more like an insect than it does the floral form of small garnet earrings we see more often. As there was no electricity at this time, jewelers foiled gemstones and semi precious stones with a sliver of metal or foil material behind the stones to catch and reflect the available light. Very fine in condition, the earrings are English and drop 1 1/2 inches fro
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
A necklace of the Georgian era that fills us with pleasure at its beauty and in the way it is made. Jewelry such as this is so individual to the hands of the artist and the creative process involved. Then necklace exhibits the finest design and artistry as does some of today's jewelry by recognizable names. Section, by section, no part is left unadorned, be it engraved leaves and floral surfaces, touches of gold here and there, hand cut pastes, their settings and the links that are absorbed into the design. The engraved floral elements are darkened to contrast with the pastes and add to their pop. Graceful and beautiful, the necklace measures 15 1/2 inches in length. The center piece drops three inches. Fine condition.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Sixteen antique cut diamonds form the wreath that surrounds a one carat rose cut gem in this hand made Georgian Ring. The settings are silver rubbed over rounds with prongs. The central diamond winks its light from a gold frame ringed with a thin line of enamel, a stone setter's design that makes the stone exhibit beautifully. The reverse of the ring and the double ridged shank are gold. A very old, evidently loved treasure from the Georgian era that we were so lucky to have travel our way. Excellent condition. A generous size 8 1/2 that may have been worn a la mode over a gloved finger. This ring can be sized
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Seductive and enticing, these Georgian cushion cut paste earrings are approximately 4cts each or 8 cts TW. Notice the black dot in the center resembling the culet in old mine diamonds. Diamond facets grace the perimeter around a high square table. Oftentimes, believe it, diamonds are not suitable yet a woman wants the brightness and glow. Antique jewelry lovers covet this rare shape of Georgian paste ear drop at those times. Paste making was a high art in the early 19th century bringing fame and fortune to the best stone cutters and setters. Royalty lead the fashion and had their own special paste makers. The pastes were cut in the manner of fine gemstones and had their place and beauty. Ours are set in pronged silver the backs of which are gold washed. The ear wires are gold. The stones are 6/16 of an inch square. The earrings drop 10/16 of an inch, Immaculate condition.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
This magnificent ring was created in a time of splendor when jewels of this type belonged to the aristocracy alone. Marie Antoinette was queen of France, the rich were extravagantly endowed while the poor were desperate. We cherish the treasures that speak to us of this time for they are few. The ring is an elongated vitreous green oval, a forest green and a rare color in antique rings. The diamond flower, accents and perimeter are a mix of rose and table cut stones, set in closed back settings with silver cut down collets. The back and shank are completely original in a pale rose gold of 18kt. Very small, possibly French marks on the shank. Currently size 8 3/4, it may have been worn over a gloved finger. The ring can be sized. The condition is remarkable.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Enlarging is a must! Beautiful as all Georgian chains are, we were thrilled to see the braided, entwined tightness and sturdiness of these 15kt gold textured links. Long chains were worn by men and women. Often worn dropping to the waist, doubled, and in combination with numerous other jewels, the wealthy added a large brooch, multiple rings and large earrings. The golden clasp on this chain is a jewel on its own. It is fashioned as a hand with a ruffled floral cuff set with natural turquoise. Turquoise, when natural, responds to the touch by changing to a darker tone. The stone touched most often during clasping shows the change, but the color difference is not as intense to the eye as it is to the camera. Measures 52 inches in length
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Layers of deeply textured silver cascade in a vine-like pattern on these long Georgian silver earrings. Narrow at the very top near the wire, the earrings gently broaden to their widest where you see a small seashell, four small flowers and even greater texture. They culminate in a shape that resembles an ice cream cone with sprinkles. In the era of George 3rd and George 4th, marvelous elongated ear drops known as torpedo earrings feminized the ladies who donned upswept hair styles. These earrings were made by a master of engraving using the repousse method, bringing volume to the engraved surface..The silver is luscious and dense. The torpedo design, more often found in gold, is rarely seen in silver. I have not found a pair in silver in over twenty years. The earwires may have been replaced somewhere in time, though I bought them as you see them. The value is not affected by this fact. Georgian earrings were often inserted into the ear from the back to the front. Many later generations wanted that reversed to shepherds hooks. These are gorgeous chandelier earrings that are a pleasure to own. Length 3 1/4 in. including wire, width 1/16th of an in. widening to 1/2 of an inch. English. c1790-1820.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
High karat gold and foiled old cut diamonds will cause an immediate stir when these Georgian, Iberian earrings are worn. The color combination is gleaming while soft. This is a variation of a form that was used frequently in the late 18th century in Spain and Portugal. It is graceful and feminine with a round surmount centered with a diamond. A gold bow is suspended below and is encrusted with more diamonds. Below the bow hangs an oval drop, jeweled with an oval diamond. There is movement in each section of the earrings. The settings known as rubbed over settings are found in Georgian gem jewelry. Pierced gold and punched out repousse work bring the skill of the 18th century goldsmith and give the earrings elegance and texture. Added is just a touch of a frill on top and at the bottom of the earring. They are extremely comfortable on the ear as the backs at top have been changed accommodate shepherds hooks. Length is 1 3/4 in. The width is a touch over 3/4's of an inch. Condition is fine. For examples of Iberian earrings see Daniele Mascetti and Amanda Triossi, "Earrings", page 54.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
These Georgian foiled garnet earrings will be a love token from the person who gives them their lady love or great friend. They bring the message "thinking of you" inherent in the language of flowers. The little flower with a powerful message is the Forget-Me Not. The form can be found in Georgian and Victorian jewelry, the eras when flowers spoke volumes in their code which was widely understood. These beauties are 18kt gold. They are original other than the shepherd hook ear wires which were changed during their long travel through time. The garnets are lively and glow with the color of red wine in the light. Condition is excellent.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
A three dimensional flower is at the center of the neckline in this garland of iron. Alternate links are rosettes, and vines. Berlin Iron jewelry is a prized possession and has been since early 1800. It is light on the body, delicate in appearance, yet strong, This necklace was made of iron when Napoleon's persistence to expand his empire, drove the German treasury to ask citizens to turn in their gold for iron bringing money to the treasury to continue the war effort. Berlin Iron Jewelry brings us the history and lost art from a period over 200 years ago. Patriotic citizens gave gold for iron to support the integrity of their nation. Today it is a rare collectors item for museums and followers of historic jewelry. Excellent condition.