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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Cross hatch engraving represents the scales on the gentle snakes lovingly knotted on this ring. The ring is coiled thrice in back while on top of the finger one snake is crowned with a ruby, the second with a rose diamond. Like a love knot, there is no beginning or end which is why the serpent coiled in this way represents infinite love. This is a symbolic ring for man or woman that sends the message of a strong bond between two people. It is in excellent condition and is currently a size 9. The ring can be sized by a fine bench jeweler.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
This ring was a rare and exciting find. Each alternating gold panel has a different engraved design. Every other panel blazes a letter that spells sister in white on a black enamel. A beautiful heartfelt gift for a dear relative. Size, A generous 6. This ring cannot be sized. Excellent Condition
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1920 item #1226507 (stock #DNSMLWT)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Those who love petite diamond rings and wedding bands of tiny diamonds will breathe a sigh at the sweetness of this .50 ct diamond. The setting is hand made in 14 kt white gold. The band displays raised repousse engraving. The diamond, constant in sparkle, is multifaceted with a small table. It is an Old Mine Diamond in a bright H color, Clarity VS1. It is set deeply in six prongs and raised from the band. So lovely in delicacy and beauty, this engagement ring can be sized. To make it larger, white gold can be added. Size now is 3.5 and shines in constant flicker on my pinky. The condition is excellent
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1970 item #1223513 (stock ##3372)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
There is something handsome about a stack of gold bands worn together. Stacked rings are stunning as a wedding band or fashion statement. Four rounded 18kt gold rings. scattered with transitional diamonds, are graduated in size for the purpose of grouping. Their roundness makes them extremely comfortable on the finger. Their simplicity of design makes certain the promise that you will enjoy them anew each time you see them on your finger. All are yellow gold. One, is very lightly textured, so light that I need a loupe to see this. Sizes range from 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 to accommodate variation of finger from base upward. My finger size is 5 1/2 and the stack fits correctly. Fine condition
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre Victorian : Pre 1970 item #1223506 (stock ##3375)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
A handsome and fashionable double band ring of 18 kt gold that sits elegantly raised from the finger. The gold band forms two pyramids engraved in concentric rings. Atop in oval frames sit a sapphire and a ruby. The ring proportions are perfect and responsible for the elegant appearance. 13.3 dwt. Size 6 1/2 This ring can easily be sized. Condition is Excellent Likely Italian c. 1970
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1219398 (stock ##3380)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
The loving serpent with diamond eyes weaves an infinite circle around a garnet. Both serpent and garnet symbolize true love. The protecting serpent sits on the finger with its head seductively facing outward and doesn't miss a trick. Engraving that emulates snakeskin covers the serpents loop and flows to the ring shoulders. Executed in 15kt gold, the British standard weight, the ring is in wonderful condition. Light wear to the scales is a plus for it testifies to age and use. The ring is graceful and has a unique identity. Truly lovely. Excellent Condition as Appropriate with Age. Size 7.5. Can be sized Condition: EXCELLENT
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Sixteen antique cut diamonds form the wreath that surrounds a one carat rose cut gem in this hand made Georgian Ring. The settings are silver rubbed over rounds with prongs. The central diamond winks its light from a gold frame ringed with a thin line of enamel, a stone setter's design that makes the stone exhibit beautifully. The reverse of the ring and the double ridged shank are gold. A very old, evidently loved treasure from the Georgian era that we were so lucky to have travel our way. Excellent condition. A generous size 8 1/2 that may have been worn a la mode over a gloved finger. This ring can be sized
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1214549 (stock #BC5)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
A ring for a child or the pinky that is small, I thought, as It fit my little finger, but it was enduringly lovely and has entranced me by its sweet character for the last week. With its 5 pt. old mine diamonds and 10pt admiral blue sapphire, the charm of this ring will keep it with you day after day. The shank is curved inward with forked shoulders that add softness to the geometry of the ring face. Excellent condition. Size 4 US. Gold must
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre Victorian : Pre 1837 VR item #1214547 (stock ##3425)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
This magnificent ring was created in a time of splendor when jewels of this type belonged to the aristocracy alone. Marie Antoinette was queen of France, the rich were extravagantly endowed while the poor were desperate. We cherish the treasures that speak to us of this time for they are few. The ring is an elongated vitreous green oval, a forest green and a rare color in antique rings. The diamond flower, accents and perimeter are a mix of rose and table cut stones, set in closed back settings with silver cut down collets. The back and shank are completely original in a pale rose gold of 18kt. Very small, possibly French marks on the shank. Currently size 8 3/4, it may have been worn over a gloved finger. The ring can be sized. The condition is remarkable.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
To take in the entire ring at first glance is grand indeed. Be sire tp let your eye roam on each detail, section by section and you will admire the intricacy and creative sense of the design. The setting is hand made platinum. Old Mine Diamonds adorn the center, the left and the right. The central diamond is approximately 1.25 cts while the side diamonds are .75 cts making a total central diamond weight of 2.75 cts. Additionally two .4pt. stones are in the side triangles and the entire front of the ring is encrusted with small .1 pt stones. Cut out work accentuates each section and gives the negative space to make the gems pop. The shank is engraved on every angel. This is a tour d'force engagement ring that will be always cherished. Condition is excellent. Size 7 currently. Ask me about sizing please.
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Three Old Mine Diamonds announce your devotion then, now and forever as they radiate their beautiful light. Elegant and warm, the size of the stones total weight is approximately .90, neither small or large, but feel rightly proportioned and tasteful. Old mine diamonds are appreciated for their age, these c. 1880, that they were cut and polished by hand, and that each gem has its own character.The diamond color is approximately H-I. Clarity SI 1-2. Currently size 6. Can be sized
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Glorious Antique Jewelry
Tsavorite, a rich green gem, was named by the president of Tiffany and Company in 1973 when it was introduced to North America. The color of a fine, saturated Emerald, it is a clearer stone, more radiant and much harder. Like Demantoid, yet more brilliant and more durable, it is a rare species of garnet. Tsavorite was discovered in obscure deposits in Africa. The central stone is this ring is an extraordinary clear emerald cut, approximately .70 cts. A luscious emerald green, it is embellished at its sides, with single cut white diamonds set in platinum tiers. Like steps, the diamonds lead to and emphasize the color and beauty of the Tsavorite. The diamonds weigh approximate .16 cts. The ring size is currently an 8 and can be sized. It measures 3/8 of an inch north to south and rises 1/4 inch from the finger. The shank, platinum and iridium bears the maker's mark and is struck with the platinum and iridium marks. Condition is superb. There is a hint of former sizing. We do not remove the stones to weigh them so as not to disturb the integrity of the ring.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1910 item #1203055 (stock #MCAF)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
A truly brilliant cluster of white old mine diamonds sets this ring apart from the others of this style, Set in a marquise shape, the diamonds are a tribute to the glitter of the Edwardian era. Closely placed in pave form, the stones become a layer of glimmer and light, without the visual interruption of the metal of their white gold or platinum prongs. The appearance is pure dazzle though the total weight of the gems is approximately half a carat. The eye does not measure but takes in only the extreme brightness of the diamonds set 1 inch high and 5/16ths wide. Geometrically placed on a 14kt gold shank with triangular shoulders, pride comes in knowing that these old mine diamonds are remarkably clean and bright high quality gems. We estimate the stones color at G and the clarity at VVS1. A winsome and winning diamond ring to have and adore. Condition is Excellent
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1910 item #1195279 (stock #NYEbr)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
A perfect image of a "Westie", bright eyed and impish. The white terrier with perky ears, has a look as if he were saying "what did I do now?" The ring, an Essex Crystal or Reverse Crystal Intaglio was carved in reverse on the back of the crystal and done with excellent skill. Notice the tufts of the dog's hair and its endearing features. The art of reverse crystal carving into the depth of the stone creates a three dimensional image. See image 4 and 5. Color and detail were painted after the crystal was engraved. Around this dog is the prize he deserves, a ring of small diamonds. Set in 18kt gold, this ring is as winsome and the pet it portrays. This ring can be sized. Condition is Fine
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1960 item #1193676 (stock #JADE80)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Lilac jade is a color that pops on the finger. Pop it does in this cabouchon lilac stone cut on the oval and double framed in 18kt gold. The shoulders are architectural wings set with fourteen diamonds. Though the gemstone comes in many colors, lilac jade is rare, rarer in fact than nephrite jade. The traditional lore is that wearing lilac jade puts you in touch with your emotions. It gives well being to those who have been disappointed in affairs of the heart. The lovely gem weights approximately 7.5 kts. Size 6 1/2 and can be sized to fit most.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1980 item #1175758 (stock #bc#3)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
An evolution of the serpent ring, known today as a cross-over form, is set with full cut diamonds in the middle of small gold flowers. The ring is textured, engraved 18kt gold with graduated spiral lines. Comfortable to wear with your other rings, it handsomely stands on its own as well. Excellent Condition. It is possible to size. David Hennell was one of London's oldest silver smiths and jewelers. He originally made silver for nobility and the landed gentry. His son, Robert became a jeweler in the late 18th century. It was said he once bought and sold a fabulous black pearl once owned by Marie Antoinette. He went on to become one of the most important pearl dealers in London
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1970 item #1171878 (stock #BC8)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
A array of diamonds totaling just under a carat in weight, are spaced apart, some high, some lower and set, gypsy style in a sleek, rounded, gentle dome. The gold is 18kt. The band, perfect for either a marriage ring or pinky ring, rises higher in the front where it is wider and narrows in the back for absolute comfort. Desirable and wearable with other rings, it will be admired by men and women. The condition is excellent. Size 3 1/2. Can be sized.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1920 item #1170830 (stock ##3218)
Glorious Antique Jewelry
Three blue cabouchon moonstones meet your gaze from their nest of 19 old mine and european cut diamonds. Total diamond weight approximately .50 cts. Total moonstone weight is approximately 1.60 cts. Platinum holds the stones while the shank is gold. These moonstones are intriguing in color and shape. This is a jewel that makes a beautiful, feminine and elegant alternative to an engagement ring. North to South measurement 7/8ths in. Width East to West 10/16th in. Ring size is 8 and can be sized.