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"Modern Design Meisen Kimono" exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery at NSCAD University in Halifax, Canada was a great success. You can look at the report at: www.contemporary-design-kimono.com
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This is a sashiko diaper with sashiko ( quilting ). It is from the Chinese tribe who live in the mountainous region in southern China ( Mēo tribe ). It has a mending patch and some holes but washed and clean. 20th century. 31cm x 34.5cm
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Folk Art : Pre 1950 item #1070188 (stock #J145)
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This is a "bandori" which is a pad for backpack. Bandori was mainly made in Shonai region in Yamagata or a part of Niigata prefecture in Tohoku district and it was made by men in winter when it snowed heavily. There is few men who make bandori these days. It is made of rice straw for the base and outside is woven of hemp which is kumonosu ( spider web ) weave so this one is called "kumonosu bandori". The belts are made of rice straw and colorful cotton shreds plaited. In excellent condition...