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Antique Korean Abstracted Blue And White Flask Antique Korean Abstracted Blue And White Flask
Two apples by Yotsuda Shoji Two apples by Yotsuda Shoji


Wakayama, Isumi
Chiba 298-0001

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hotoke antiques is Eastern Art & Antique gallery of website basis, locates in Isumi, Pacific coastal side of Southern Chiba, Japan.

Specialize in the artistic antique Japanese and oriental ceramic ware for the use of ‘wabi’ tea and for the eclectic everyday use, and various forms of artistic ‘mingei’ folk art crafts by various materials including local devotional objects based on Eastern inspiration and its philosophy, - within the main range from Momoyama - Edo period (1573-1868) to Modern times (early 20th century).

We are doing creative and small business (No assembly-line sale by bulk buying-in for stereotyped items), so hope to be able to give the every single customers (fellows) big pleasure and deep impression through the aesthetic and unique art pieces well-selected one by one by the vision and the hands. Needless to say, the all listing items are guaranteed its authenticity by our knowledge and our experiential standpoint based on the reliance we built up as professional dealer. (Japanese Antiques Dealer License No.441230000338, Chiba)

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