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I would like to start off by thanking all of you who have not only taken the time to browse through our item list, but more significantly trusted us at Hunter-Phillips Antiquities (formerly Hunter's Point Estate Service) to ensure the safe delivery of the item shown/described in the photo/text. I believe most of us are aware of the risks associated with collecting art, particularly Chinese art. Because of the extraordinary level of growth this field has experienced in the last two decades many new individuals, some art collectors and some art speculators, have joined the market. This growth in the demand for "real", investment quality objects, with a known provenance, has outstripped the supply of these objects on the open market resulting in prices that boggle the mind for certain objects.
This situation has been "remedied" by ever increasingly skilled craftsmen who use their talent to create top notch forgeries and fakes. Some individuals in these workshops have the ability to make pieces that are so convincing that top experts often have trouble discerning the difference, and in some cases they can't. The next stop on the supply chain for objects such as these is often the unscrupulous dealer/importer/supplier who knowingly lies about age, provenance, or anything else that they hope will expedite the sale. Of course there are always some dealers, who although they know very little about this genre of art, fear missing the boon and want to make a quick buck off of the rise in popularity of Chinese art. With statistics showing us that upwards of 70% of Chinese antique art on the market is not "real", beginning or expanding your collection can become very stressful. That is why it is so important (in my opinion) that buyers find dealers/auction houses that they feel they can trust. As may have happened to some of you, I remember times in the past when I purchased an item only to find out that it was fake, or more commonly, misrepresented by it's description. I know I will never forget the wave of emotion I felt when having those experiences; the anger at the seller, the anger at myself, and of course intense disappointment. My experience with dealers such as those just mentioned has been one of our greatest motivators when dealing with our customers. You have the right to expect that we will provide all of the information that we have on a specific item, as well as, the right to purchase any product we have for sale at a fair price and know that it can be returned to us if it is not like the description in our catalog.
If we are not sure about something we will either let you know, or more likely that piece will never be shown. For example, this is why you will rarely see ceramics listed in our catalog even though we have a good selection of them available for purchase . To be frank, I don't feel like I have enough experience with them to make many guarantees, nor am I eager to pay $300 for a TL test that will only provide a production date in the form of a "time range" that spans hundreds (and maybe a thousand) years. What it really comes down to is a belief in Karma. When you shop with us you can expect to be treated the way we want to be treated when we are the customer. Thank you, and please tell us about your experience with us.
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Very positive with prompt and pleasant service.
Karen G
October 22, 2015 Tibetan Heirloom Necklace
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