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Featured Items

Rare Chinese Blackwood Hongmu Table - Qing

Rare Chinese Blackwood Hongmu Alter Table - 19 C.

Very Lg. Rare Chinese Song Martaban Jar - 960 -1126AD

Chinese Quanyin Bronze Statue - Ming 1368 - 1644 AD

Rare Pair Chinese Ironwood Tieli mu Chairs - Mid Qing


Ancient Aquamarine Pendent - Pyu 100AD-500AD

Pyu Deer Bead and Gold Necklace

Chinese Huanghuali Cabinet Veneer 18th C.

Chinese Huanghuali Erhu Musical Instrument - 18 C.

Chinese Huanghuali Tea Stand 18th century


Rare Chinese Qingbai Song Ewer Two Dragons

Rare Black Pyu Chung Bead with Pyu Gold & Beads

Rare Pyu Cross Bead and Gold Necklace 100- 500 AD

Rare Lg. Chinese Cobalt Blue Vase - 18th C.

Rare Chinese Quanyin Lacquer Panel Screen - 19th C


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