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Ryoutan Head Store in Kamakura
Welcome to RYOUTAN
Art Dealer License Number:452640000837, Kanagawa
Takamichi Morita
19 Nikaido, Kamakura City
Kanagawa Pref. 248-0002 JAPAN
Golden Age Meiji Artworks

“Ryoutan” specializes in the finest Meiji period artworks and antiques. Our shop is located in the historic town of Kamakura, where you may encounter precious finest Meiji period artworks with techniques that are matched by none. These artworks of the Japan’s golden age still have abundant energy and shining elegantly through space and time. They were made by treasured Japanese traditional craftsman during the Japan's opening of a new era, the time when the Japanese craftsmen had tried hard to improve their skills by learning from abroad and through friendly competition among them. Therefore, the artworks still hold strong energy, even after more than 150 years.

Our collection includes metal works by Unno Bisei and the Komai Company, Kyoto Satsuma earthenware by Kinkosan and Yabu Meizan, and elegant Makuzu porcelains from our local town. We also have various rare and valued artworks ranging from early Edo to Showa period.

Our items are all carefully selected by the shop owner who has rich experience as an antique dealer/connoisseur. Since most of our items are surprisingly in excellent condition, we often receive many compliments from the customers who have actually visited our shop.

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Scenery of Kamakura
Kamakura: Peaceful Historical Town

Kamakura is a costal historic town, where the first samurai governments was established in 1192. Since then it is famous for the Daibutsu, or the Great Buddha, historical Zen temples, and various national treasures. As it only takes one hour by train from Tokyo, the cultural city of Kamakura is considered as a favorite destination by both domestic and foreign tourists for its easy access. Kamakura is also known as a cultural city where the prestigious artists, novelist, or other cultural celebrities perfer to live.

We have renovated an old traditional Japanese house with a beautiful garden into a cozy antique shop. So you can enjoy natural beauty of Japanese four seasons, while enjoy shopping. We have English speaking staff who can help you with finding out your favorite artworks with detailed information. We can also accept orders from abroad to ship to your house by EMS.

Please enjoy our collections on this TROCADERO home page, with dreaming about the good old historical city of Kamakura and the good old fabulous Japanese artworks of golden age.

Thank you very much for visiting our home page. Enjoy!

A Superb Meiji Metal Work Bronze Vase
A Superb Meiji Metal Work Bronze Vase
Marvelous Bird Motif Incense Case by Uematsu Hobi
Marvelous Bird Motif Incense Case by Uematsu Hobi
Lovely Pair of Meiji Cloissone Enamel Vases
Lovely Pair of Meiji Cloissone Enamel Vases
Rabbit Shaped Stoneware Small Braizer by Kato Shuntai
Rabbit Shaped Stoneware Small Braizer by Kato Shuntai

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