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A gorgeous gold and silver inlaid Kiseru (tobacco pipe) of early Meiji-period. A natural ivory body, decorated with scenery of a fisherman fishing in the ocean by gold, silver and bronze inlay technique. Very elaborate and detailed metalwork on such a thin pipe. We can imagine how highly skilled the craftsmen of that times. It is rather heavy than it looks, which exude a certain dignity...
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It is very rare Japanese tobacco pouch and pipe(Kiseru) set. A metal fitting of the pouch made of pure silver and design with Momotaro and a dog. "Momotaro" is Japanese most famous folk tale. If it is Japanese, everyone knows Momotaro's folk tale without fail. It is the "Peach Boy"(the Tom Thumb-like hero of a Japanese folk tale). Once upon a time, Man's baby was born from the inside a big peach flowed from the river, and the grandmother divided the peach...