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KH Chan
Kuala Lumpur

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I've been collecting Chinese Porcelain and other Art objects for the last 15 years. My collections were mainly sourced from US, UK, Netherlands, and other countries in Europe.

Items For Sales

All items for sales are from my old collections and I feel that it's time to clear some of them to make way for more space at home. All items listed here are dated and classified based on my own knowledge and experience. However, to make a decision to purchase, you are strongly encouraged to use your own research and knowledge to decide on the authenticity or agreeing with my attribution on the pieces. I do not guarantee the attributions made in this listing. I do described my items honestly and to the best of my knowledge. Please refer to the photos and request for more if needed. We offer no refund and shipping damage or missing will not be the responsibility of the seller. However, we pack well and ship through established shippers and postal departments.

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