Oklahoma Liquidation Station
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Home We are a family owned business for over 35 years. I was an American Art dealer and still love paintings. We are selling on Trocadero some of our prized collections of Asian Antiques, because we are getting older, & our children do not want "ANTIQUES"! They like "money". We guarantee authenticity & condition on everything we are selling. We have not had one thing returned in entire time we have been in business. We traveled a lot when we were young & bought great stuff. My husband was a successful Dr. so we could buy anything & everything & we did! We are now retired. We lived near San Francisco, Ca., for over 24 years and went to CITY every week-end on buying trips. That't why we have lots of Oriental, & just lots of everything. We lived in a 25 room Mansion, a Julia Morgan home. She designed The Hearst Castle. We have many more things to add to Trocadero. We guarantee each & every item we sell. We had the "bricks & mortar" stores. We used to do the BIG Antique Shows, but, now, we only sell on-line. This is a wonderful way to do business. Also, we are very good packers of the fine items we sell. We will only take PAYPAL & we will only send via UPS (with insurance, of course). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- member, TROCADERO 1998-2011 All Rights Reserved

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