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Steven Harvis
Steven J. Harvis, Principal, Meiping Ltd. Offering guaranteed fine mark and period and unmarked porcelain for 25 years
There are three things you can't do without in today's Chinese antiquities market.
Chinese character The first is expertise. Since 1987, Meiping Ltd. has earned its reputation for quality based on Principal Steven J. Harvis' comprehensive knowledge of Chinese works of art. Its why were able to vet each and every piece for age, condition and authenticity. Alongside expertise, you need trust. Meiping Ltd. only offers offers Chines ceramics and works of art with a vetted Western provenance. All purchases are unconditionally guaranteed. Finally, you need inventory. We have one of the largest anywhere. Please feel free to view our offerings. You may contact me directly here if you have any questions.
Meiping has one of the largest selections of fine mark and period and unmarked porcelain as well as excellent examples from the Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing and Republic periods. As well as ivory, jade, wood carvings, enamels, stone, lacquerwares and furniture.


Meiping Ltd unconditionally guarantees all of the Chinese art it sells as to age, condition and authenticity and provides a Certificate of Authenticity to every purchaser.

When even the experts are fooled you need to be careful.

It's more important than ever to seek out dealers who vet and guarantee their pieces.

America's Chinese art market is flooded with fakes. There are so many of them, in fact, that a new collector could build an entire collection, piece by piece, and never have a single authentic one.

How did it get this bad? It all stems from the ancient Chinese custom of reproducing old designs in Chinese art as a sign of reverence... read more