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Antiques and Decor by Fiona
A scarce U.S. Ascot white label promo pressing 45 rpm record of Australia's Easybeats performing MAKE YOU FEEL ALRITGHT (WOMEN) b/w IN MY BOOK (Ascot 2214 (ZTSP 10695/10696).


-COVER;SLEEVE: 8 woc ("Ding"), cnrcrs, sledgebrsing top
-DISC: VISUAL: 9-1/2 slscfs dnap (note: minor dirt should be cleaned) AUDIO: 9 sl sfc noise (needs cleaning)
-LABELS: 10 MINT As issued
All records are original pressings with all original inserts and sleeves unless noted; each and every flaw or alteration from new is listed and accurately graded, with no need for vague and subjective Goldmine-style gradings, although these will be included for reference. All gradings are visual unless noted; audible spot-play grading (when required) is on high-end equipment. We have been buying and selling music for over 40 years - you can buy with confidence.

MINT (as issued) is 10, with each post-manufacture flaw subtracted from this rating - slight flaws are 1/2 point each, typical flaws are 1 point each, severe acceptable flaws are 2 points. Please note that factory flaws are listed when applicable however they do not lower the condition ratings. Codes are as follows: min-minor sl-slight vsl-very slight vvsl-very very slight dnap-does not affect play spdlmks-spindle marks coh-cutout hole cr-crease wr-writing imptm-impressed timing totals fc-front cover bc-back cover foc-fold open cover csl-cutout slit smsplt-seam split lbl-label scf-scuff pprscf-paper sleeve scuff (dnap) scr-scratch tr-tear bmp-corner/edge bump rw-ring wear wrp-warp lbllnr-generic label liner lysht-lyric sheet orinnr-original inner sleeve pstr-poster bk-booklet. All records should be cleaned with a Nitty Gritty or other professional cleaner for optimum performance.

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