molto bella, vintage murano glass, venini, dino martens, scarpaMolta Bella Glass-Venetian Murano Glass
Rare and Vintage Venetian Murano Glass. Did you know? Venetian and Murano glass are synonymous? Glass blowing was banned from Venice in 1291 and moved to the Island of Murano. It was believed the reason was partly to keep the closely held secrets of glass blowing from getting in the hands of spies. Though the production occurred on Murano Island, the production companies including Salviati, Venini, Barovier, Seguso and Toso, all had commercial sales offices in Venice. Thus there continues today confusion as to what is Venetian and what is Murano. Some have catagorized "Venetian" to mean the delicate, older Italian pieces but these too were created in Murano. So in case you were a little confused, all glass produced after 1291 is indeed Murano AND Venetian.

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