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Mudhead Gallery is currently located in the heart of Lo Do in the Titanium building at 1720 Wazee Suite 1B Denver Colorado 80202.

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Mudhead Gallery was established by Dean and Lois Joseph in 1985. The 555 17 th Street, location at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, in downtown Denver, Colorado, was their original location. (April 1, 2013 Mudhead Gallery relocated to Lo Do at 1720 Wazee Street Suite 1B Denver, Colorado 80202.) A second location at the Hyatt in Beaver Creek, Colorado, was sold to Dick and Mary Cabela after 13 years of operation. Additionally, the Joseph’s operated a third location at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver for 15 years and recently closed it in 2005, to consolidate into the original gallery located at Grand Hyatt in Denver, Colorado. Mudhead Gallery sells museum-quality Southwestern art, with an especially fine selection of Santa Clara, Hopi, Zuni, Acoma, Jemez and San Ildefonso pottery by artists such as Carmelita Dunlap, Cynthia Starflower, Maria, Teresita Naranjo, Burel Naha, Sylvia Naha, Barbara and Joseph Cerno, Frogwoman, Linda Tafoya, LuAnn Tafoya, Richard Ebelacker, and many more. We have a large selection of pawn jewelry along with contemporary jewelry in sterling silver and l4k gold (some l8k gold). We offer jewelry crafted by Jake Livingston, Al Nez, Arland Benn, Raymond Yazzie, Dan Jackson, Jeannette Dale, Phil Poseyesva, Mitchell Sockyma, Don and Charles Supplee, Kee Nez, Wes Willie and many more too numerous to mention. We feature bronze artists Doug Van Howd, Elie Hazak, Joseph Krausz, Jack Muir and Robert Tate. We also have the finest Hopi Kachinas (Katsinas) by the finest artists available. The Mudhead Gallery is a 'Must See' for the serious collector or for those just beginning to appreciate the best from the Southwest.

Mudhead Gallery

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