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consistent throughout my life has been a love of music, the arts, history and a curiosity about everything. It has allowed me to pursue a career in Antiques and Art which has brought travel, interesting people and beautiful objects into my life.

After college a completed an internship at Sothebys and began doing antique shows selling art glass and English ceramics, word got around and I became known for doing the finest antique shows, which creted a network of dealers and clients, and required several buying trips to the UK and France a year.

I provided antiques for Bergdorff Goodman's Home on 7 working with the vp and had a wonderful time searching for things to keep up with her wonderful imagination and merchandising expertise. i provided the decorations for Henri Bendel working with the decorator who used my idea for covering a wall with teapots as i had done in The Fall Antiques Show At The Pier. I have been the subject of articles in HG, Country Living, and Victoria magazines and still consult with them on ceramics today.

In 1997 I decided to give up the antique shows keep my clients and decorators supplied and opened The Montclair Antiques center housing 85 dealers, quite an undertaking. i have since sold it and confine my selling to the internet,which allows me more time to spend with my grandchildren and my Irish Sport horse Top Clover. href=" src="" border="0">


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