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If you are wanting to buy an item please contact me to check availablity and for shipping costs.

Any questions or Offers please email me Tim Jones at tejones0433@msn.com or call me at 602-763-0345.

All items sold are guaranteed authentic and in described condition or buyer receives 30 days unconditional return and refund from the time you recieve item. Any returns must be received in "as sent condition."

All prehistoric pottery pieces will include a Statement of Release and Disclosure with inclusive description of condition, age, and guarantee that:

All items sold by Outwest Ancient Artifacts have not been stolen, forged, or restored, without being so stated, and further that items offered have not been excavated, purchased, traded or sold in violation of 1 {The Federal Antiquities Act of 1906, 2 {The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 {Indian Reservations, B.I.M., National Forests, National Parks, ect.}, 3 {State Archeological Resource Protection Acts {to include all state lands}, 4 {State imposed regulations to Archaeological excavations on private deeded property, and further that the seller Outwest Ancient Artifacts of the sold item, has legal title to the property, such that, legal title transfers to and vests in the ultimate purchaser of the property.

All photos of materials listed strive to capture the actual condition and color of each item.


All indian artifacts, arrowheads and prehistoric pottery items offered on this this site are in the described and designated condition and guaranteed authentic. If you are wanting to sell, buy or consign -- CONTACT ME TODAY !!!! I am always purchasing genuine midwest, southwest, and northwest prehistoric artifacts. I am a collector-broker and not a retail dealer. Located in the Chandler, Az, I can locate almost any specific Indian Artifact, Arrowhead or Southwest Prehistoric Pottery item you might want and with over 30 years of experience I will offer to you only authentic artifacts.


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