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Miniature Paper Toy Theater D'Epinal St. Anthony Devil

Catalogue: Gifts & Home Decor: Reproductions: Collectibles: Contemporary   item# 1168667 (stock# tsa)

Miniature Paper Toy Theater D'Epinal St. Anthony Devil
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Terrill C. Smith


You see a tour de force of miniature paper toy construction. This is a miniaturized contruction of a larger Antique Paper toy theater set from Imagerie D'Epinal [thank you tarotgirl for posting sheet]. This is the Temptation of St. Anthony [ Tentation De Saint Antoine]. You see the Devil Theater, two layer backdrop with the Church. There is also a side piece overlayer of the fire breathing dragon setting the church on fire. There are 8 very tiny players mounted on wood bases to stand [two de for details

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