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E & M Perez
Beautifully and artfully sculpted, this shaman, or sukia, sits with arms crossed on knees, smoking, in the traditional pose of these precolumbian figures from the region that now encompasses Costa Rica. Dating to the period 800-1400AD, it is in very good condition, with some loss to the toes on the right foot, and has some patinization from being handled, in addition to mineral encrustation. The lava stone is reddish gray, and the surface is mottled, as is the case with such stone...
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E & M Perez
Effigy graters (rollador) were utilized in the Tumaco region of what is now Colombia and Ecuador, by the Tolita culture, from approximately 500BC to 500AD, usually taking the stylized form of a fish or squid. Used to grate various vegetables, they were made with raised horizontal sections, and in this case, also had inset sharp stones in addition...