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E & M Perez
This beautifully carved group of Narwhals was created by the well known Inuit carver, Isaac Oqutaq ((Ohotaqq), born in 1957. His father, Innuki, was also a recognized carver of Inuit sculpture. The central narwhal has a tusk of ivory or bone, and is of very dark grey or near black soapstone, with flecks and streaks of lighter coloration...
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E & M Perez
Dating to the mid 20th century, from 1940-1960, burnished wares of this type were created in Tonala, Jalisco Mexico. Near the larger town of Guadalajara, small pueblos became known for the fine workmanship and charming motifs, with Tlaquepaque and Tonala being significant centers for exceptional pottery. This vase measures 8 3/4" high, and is 4 1/4" in diameter at the base. It is stamped "made in Mexico" in a cartouche, which is a typical mark...