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All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Photographs : Pre 1950 item #1283230 (stock #427te)
E & M Perez
From a photo album of scenes from South America, this black and white image depicts a man wearing a large feather headdress, with body and face paint of his tribal group. The grey backing measures 11 3/4" x 8 3/4" and is perforated at the top where it was fastened in the photo album. A piece of thin transparent paper covers the image for protection from wear. The actual photo measures 6 7/8" x 4 5/8"...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1950 item #1283225 (stock #426fp)
E & M Perez
Oil on board, measuring 12" x 16", this scene of Provincetown depicts an array of buildings, a wharf, several figures, and the waterfront, all quickly and loosely painted in vibrant colors. In the background is a steeple, which may be the Provincetown Public Library, which is close to the waterfront. Unsigned, there is a pencil notation on the back of the location...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Ceramics : German : Porcelain : Pre 1920 item #1283119 (stock #425vd)
E & M Perez
Of Blanc de Chine porcelain, this group depicts a putti holding a bird, with the cage below, and a waiting cat behind. The putti sits upon a rocky mound, with leaves, tree branches, flowers, and another bird, all upon an oval shaped plinth. The base is signed "Germany" in incised script, with the number 4441 also incised. The sculpture measures 8 3/4" high, and the base of the plinth is 5 1/2" wide...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Porcelain : Pre 1940 item #1283093 (stock #424vd)
E & M Perez
Measuring 13 1/4" high x 9 1/2" wide, this porcelain rooster or cockerel is decorated in famille verte colors, with the body of the bird in rich yellow. The detail in the porcelain modeling is well done, with glazes in yellow, brown, and green, with black detail in the eyes. With two impressed marks on the base, it dates to the early 20th century, either late Qing or early Republic. The comb has been broken and reglued, as is visible on the close up photo of the head...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Ceramics : German : Porcelain : Pre 1970 item #1283088 (stock #423vd)
E & M Perez
Very finely modeled in blanc de chine porcelain, this figure depicts a fish seller, seated next to his basket of fresh fish. Measuring 10" high x 8 1/2" wide, with a stamped mark of Sandizell, Hoffner & Co, Dresden, West Germany, it dates to the 1960's and is also signed in script, S. Matt, which is probably the artist. Excellent condition, with only a tiny loss to a leaf on the base.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1920 item #1283067 (stock #422fs)
E & M Perez
Of cold painted bronze, this sculpture was created by Franz Xavier Bergman (1861-1936) in the Vienna foundry that was opened by his father in 1860. The figure depicts a Chinese Golden Pheasant, and is one of numerous bronzes of birds by Bergman. This bronze is large, measuring 18 1/2" x 8 7/8", and is signed on the tail with the Bergman monogram of a B withing an urn, with "Gesch.5714" above...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1960 item #1282154 (stock #421fs)
E & M Perez
This dimunitive bronze horse was sculpted by Fred Kormis, born in Germany in 1897, and moved to England in 1934, where he lived and worked as a sculptor until his death in 1986. He studied art until the first World War, when he spent time in a Russian prisoner of war camp. After the war he resumed his studies and worked as a sculptor of portraits before emigrating to England in 1934, to escape Nazi Germany...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Pre 1900 item #1282152 (stock #420fs)
E & M Perez
From the original work of Voltaire by Jean-Antoine Houdin, this bronze was cast by E. Jullien, at 12 Rue Pasquier, in Paris France in the late 19th century. Measuring 3 1/2" high, the bust itself was silvered, and some has worn away, showing highlights of the bronze beneath. The stamped mark of the foundry is on the back. With excellent detail, this little bronze is a fine replica of Houdin's classical work.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Snuff Bottles : Pre 1920 item #1281215 (stock #419ar)
E & M Perez
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Measuring 2 1/2" high, and 1 3/4'" wide, this lac burgaute snuff bottle is capped with a green stone holding an ivory spoon. With very precise and fine details, the body is decorated with sections of geometric designs of both gold inlay and colored mother of pearl. The central area contains floral and foliate designs, also in gold with mother of pearl pieces of pink, green, and blue. The base has an inlaid mark of gold...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Photographs : Pre 1940 item #1280813 (stock #418te)
E & M Perez
Measuring 7 5/8" by 9 5/8", this hand colored photo dates from the 1920's or 1930's and depicts a view of snow capped Mauna Kea, with Hilo and Hilo bay in the foreground. With good color and no fading or stains, this is an excellent piece of Hawaiian history. Unsigned, the photographer is unknown...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Photographs : Pre 1970 item #1280808 (stock #417te)
E & M Perez
With the original UPI press text copy still attached, this photo by the Pulitzer Prize winning photo journalist Kyoichi Sawada (1936-1970) depicts a US soldier, wounded in battle, and awaiting medical evacuation. The photo measures 10 1/8" x 7 1/8" and is stamped on the reverse with the UPI credits. Kyoichi Sawada was awarded "World Press Photos of the Year" in 1965 and 1966, and the Pulitzer Prize in 1966...
All Items : Traditional Collectibles : Ephemera : Pre 1970 item #1280546 (stock #416te)
E & M Perez
An original black and white print of Chief, who was the last living member of the Calvary, and lived out his last years at Ft. Riley Kansas. Foaled in 1932, Chief was purchased for the Calvary in 1940 and retired in 1958. He died in 1968, and was given fully military honors at his funeral, and a large bronze sculpture by Fredric Remington stands over his grave...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Metalwork : Pre 1920 item #1280211 (stock #415ar)
E & M Perez
Of very large size (25") and heavy (13 pounds each), these bronze pricket candlesticks are Japanese in origin, late Meiji, and are signed with an etched mark on the bottom of each. They both have a very deep and rich patina, very dark brown, with no abrasions or dents. The top lotus form cups are separate, and slip tightly into the stem of the sticks. The lotus cups are nicely and simply decorated, and each handle features the head of a shishi or foo lion, and tapers nicely at the bottom of ...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Textiles : Rugs : Pre 1920 item #1280178 (stock #414ad)
E & M Perez
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With still strong color and thick pile, this long rug measures 9'6" by 3'10". Likely Shirvan, though has characteristics of Gendji also. In good condition, with loss of one complete border on one end, and wear to other end, though sides are intact, with no holes, and almost no wear. The central design of botehs is over a very dark blue or black ground, and two of the borders have a cream ground. There are birds and small deer on the borders at each end, and the entire surface of the rug is ve...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Lacquer : Pre 1920 item #1280057 (stock #413ar)
E & M Perez
With heavily raised decoration, this vessel is large, measuring 14 3/4" high and 13 1/2" inches wide. The ornately decorated vessel has a square stepped base, and the lid is topped with a recumbent elephant, its trunk raised. The interior is red, as is typical of Burmese lacquer. The entire surface is lushly decorated with foliate designs, as well as several cartouches with human figures. The gilt surface has been coated with a darker substance, which can be scratched away, and under the gil...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Metals : Bronze : Pre 1837 VR item #1279388 (stock #412ad)
E & M Perez
Of gilt bronze, this fine snuff box is likely a master or table snuff box, as its dimensions are larger than one usually carried in a pocket. It measures 3 1/16" x 2 3/8" across the lid, and is 1 1/2" high. The base is slightly smaller, as the lid overlaps and fits tightly on the base. The scene on top depicts a man seated in a chair, surrounded by others, including a man in Chinese clothing. It appears that the man in the chair has his arm over a keg, and seems to be a bit tipsy. The scene...
All Items : Vintage Arts : Decorative Art : Ceramics : Scandinavian : Pre 1950 item #1279382 (stock #411vd)
E & M Perez
By the renowned Swedish designer Wilhelm Kage, for Gustavsberg, this covered round box features a kneeling putti, surrounded by grave leaves and a cluster of grapes. The box measures 4 7/8" in diameter, and is 2 3/4" high, and is signed on the base with his name and the Argenta Gustavsberg hallmarks. In good condition, some slight tarnish to silver, and a very small chip on the lip of the base, with slight loss to one of the half circle designs around the rim (visible in photo).
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Organics : Pre 1900 item #1278663 (stock #410ad)
E & M Perez
Of very small size, this coconut is deeply carved and has a brass stopper with cork. Possibly a perfume or snuff bottle, it measures a diminutive 1 5/8" x 1 1/4", and has a very dark and shiny patina. The "eyes" only one of which remains, are oval shaped brass pieces with a blue trade bead in the center. The Brass cap has a cork stopper and is attached with a small brass chain. The surface is covered with rococo elements,including a violin, a lute, a horn, two love birds, two torches, tasse...