Period Pieces Art Nouveau Jewelry
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Period Pieces
This beautiful piece is made from emerald-green glass and gold-toned metal. It is unmarked, but we were told it was from England. It’s approximately 5” tall and 2-3/8” across the bottom. The gold-toned lid has cut-outs in the shape of stars. It is in excellent condition, and circa 1900. Please read this description and look at the photos very carefully, as we are not responsible for buyer remorse. Thanks! Shipping, handling & insurance within the USA included.
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Period Pieces
This lovely and very old serving spoon could have graced the dining room of any of Miss Austen’s well-to-do characters. It has a berry motif in the gold-washed interior bowl (the wash or gilt is very pale and doesn’t show up in the photos). By its hallmarks (crowned leopard’s head, lion passant, and date letter “N” with “feathers”), it was made in London during 1768-1769. The maker’s mark is a script “BB”. It measures 8-1/2" x 1-3/4", and weighs approximately 56g...
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Period Pieces
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This Masonic spoon is marked STERLING F.A. WHELAN. Both sides of the bowl, the hilt, and the tip are gold washed. It has lots of Masonic symbolism incorporated into the design. The dates on the spoon handle (1732-1799) are the birth and death dates for George Washington, who was a Mason. We were told that the spoon is approximately 100 years old. It measures 4-1/8", and weighs 10.9g...
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Period Pieces
The design of this piece is delightful and absolutely mad! It is primarily an Egyptian Revival piece, centering the Goddess Hathor (a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth [Wikipedia]). She is wearing big earrings, and her usual headdress. She seems to have a flower in her hair, and in front of her there is greenery tied by a ribbon with a bow (laurel? Mistletoe?)...
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Period Pieces
Here is a sweet spoon by Unger Brothers, signed with their maker’s mark and hallmark, and “COPYRIGHT 1904”. The pattern is called Jonquil. Jonquil is the flower for those born in March, representing happiness and friendship. It measures 4-1/2”, and the bowl of the spoon is just short of 2” across. It has a nice patina, a monogrammed M or W and is in overall very good condition...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Metals : Silver : Sterling : Pre 1910 item #1262279 (stock #RM08130a)
Period Pieces
Here is a pretty brush with repousse decorations depicting Art Nouveau lilies on its top, and fancy swirls on the handle. It measures 5-3/4” x 3". It is stamped Sterling, and there are other marks which are illegible. There is a little bit of damage to the silver at the top of the brush, which is shown in - and is actually exaggerated by – the photos. The handle has a plain area on both sides, ready for your monogram. On one side this area has some dings to it...