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Contact Name:Jocelyn B. Reynolds, GG
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Glen A. - Splendid!
2019-03-02 22:25:15
Splendid merchandise and swift delivery; would most certainly do business with again! Thank you!
Gail - My experience was a 10 out of 10.
2018-12-19 15:19:16
From beginning to end it was a pleasure working with this seller. As professional of an experience it was it also became on a personal level. The gift is for my son for Christmas and that was known by the seller. When I received the set it exceeded my expectations. Absolutely beautiful. It was the first time I had ever purchased a gift going right thru a seller. It will not be my last. I'm very grateful for the ease of the transaction.
JimS - Seller went the extra mile on this very beautiful piece.
2017-01-25 11:21:12
It's hard to get an idea of what something really looks like based on one or two photographs, especially when that something is shiny and/or transparent. This pendant is quite lovely but I needed to be convinced it wasn't going to arrive having a look quite different from the posted images (too glossy and new, or too thick and heavy, for example). The seller quickly provided views that I requested and it became clear that the piece had exactly the look I wanted for a Valentine's gift. Great communications were the hallmark of my experience with this seller.