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Gallery Talk
Phoenix Art Museum
09/03/2014 - 09/03/2014

12 Noon: The Phoenix Art Museum's collection of Japanese cloisonné tells the story of Japanese cloisonné from the early beginnings of the craft in the 1830s until today. Using pieces from the collection, Waynor Rogers will talk about each phase of Japanese cloisonné craftsmanship, starting with early pieces and progressing through several phases to the present, illustrating the evolution of base materials and designs, with emphasis on the effects of the opening of Japan to the West, the Industrial Revolution, the Japanese aesthetic, and modern production.

Namazu: Earthquakes and the Giant Catfish in Japanese Prints
Arizona State University
10/03/2014 - 10/03/2014

Laurie Petrie Rogers will give a panel presentation on Japanese namazu-e woodblock prints at the 2014 Western Conference Association for Asian Studies. The Japanese believed that giant catfish (namazu) living underground caused earthquakes with their thrashing movements. The prints provide a portrait of Japanese society, culture, religion and politics during the declining decades of the Edo period.

Arizona Collectibles
PBS TV Series Fall 2015
09/03/2015 -

Laurie Petrie Rogers will appear as the Asian Appraiser on the upcoming PBS TV series "Arizona Collectibles" this fall. The series airs on Thursdays at 7:30pm beginning September 3rd.

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