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The Launch, by Hal Hurst. Oil on canvas. Rectangular, 30 inches X 39 inches (76 cms. X 99 cms.) Original frame. Lovely bright colors and a great size for hanging over a sofa or fireplace. Hal Hurst (1865 - 1938) studied at the Royal Academy Schools, London and was a member of The Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Institiute of Painters in Watercolours, and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters...
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Eliza Sharpe (1796 - 1874), attributed. Watercolour and pencil on heavy stock, heightened with white. A "conversation piece", depicting Jonathan Swift, Alexander Pope, and other friends, seated in a room, with portraits on the wall, an open door, and landscape in the background. Rectangular, 38 cms. X 48 cms. (15 inches X 19 inches). Lovely original wooden frame. Provenance: Sothebys, London, 2 October 1981, Lot 101. Eliza Sharpe was born in Birmingham, England, August 1796...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : Pre 1960 item #1229848 (stock #00683)
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William Harnden Oil on board. Orientalist still life depicting a yellow vase of pink gladiolus, on a red tablecloth against a turquoise background. Gilt frame. Signed “Harnden” to obverse. Rectangular, 75 cms. X 60 cms. (29 1/1 inches X 24 inches. This is a beautiful example of Harden's work. The colours are vibrant with bold brushwork. Excellent condition...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1910 item #1194247 (stock #00856)
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The Artist Signing “Renk” (British, c. 1910) Oil on canvas. A wonderful, querky, portrait of a brown trout, most probably caught and mounted as a trophy. Signed and inscribed to obverse, “Renk. /30th May 1910/4 lb 2 oz.”. Original oak frame. Rectangular, 40 cms. X 65 cms...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1181971 (stock #00830)
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French School. Late 18th or early 19th Century Allegorical watercolour painting set in lid and glazed. Set in turned walnut box, lined with tortoiseshell. The scene depicts a memorial, doves (symbolic for love) dog (symbolic for fidelity), trees, a river and an open circular building in the distance. Circular, 2.5 cms. high ((1 inches), 9 cms...
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John Alexander Beer (c. 1860 - 1930) Pastel on card. Portrait of a dapple grey Thoroughbred horse, standing in profile, in a field. Original maple frame. Inscribed to obverse, “Storm” and “John Beer/1914”. Rectangular, 22.5 cms. X 17 cms. (8 3/4 inches X 10 1/2 inches). Portrait in good condition with lovely frame. Trained as an illustrator, John Alexamder Beer was born in Stockholm, c. 1860, but came to America as a young man and stayed for 5 years. He travelled to Russia and w...
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James Le Jeune, RHA (1910 - 1983). Oil on canvas. Portrait of a brother and sister, seated, the girl holding a doll. Signed to obverse. Rectangular, 81 cms. X 62 cms. (32 inches X 24.4 Inches). Very charming portrait by this "painters painter" in original condition. James George Le Jeune was born in Canada in 1910 but grew up in Brittany and England. He served in Italy and Africa during WWII, and worked as an architect in London before moving to Ireland in 1950 to take up painting full ...
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Inez Dee Johnstone (nee Inez Thompson), c. 1890 Watercolour on card. Portrait of a young woman in profile, with upswept fair hair, wearing a high collar, lace gown. Oval, 9 cms. X 7 cms. (4 inches X 2 3/4 inches). ...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1900 item #1110786 (stock #00717)
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English School, c. 1900 Gouache on paper. Portrait of the gunboat, the S S Blenheim flying the Union Jack and various other pendants, with a view of land and another ship in the distance. Indistinct artist’s signature signed to obverse and inscribed “Venice 1900”. Rectangular, 17 inches X 24 inches. The SS Blenheim was a British cargo steamer built in 1877 by E. Withy & Co. of West Hartlepool, England, and owned by Steel, Young & Co. of London, the 1163-ton Blenheim was 225 feet lo...
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Watercolour on card. Portrait of General Keir Grant, in 3/4 pose. The General, with fair hair and dark eyes, is dressed in a scarlett coatee, wearing his Knight of Bath medal. Signed and dated, “Adam Buck/1822” to obverse. Original gilt frame embossed "General William Keir Grant, KCB by Adam Buck, c. 1822" to centre obverse. Original framer label to reverse. Rectangular, 5 inches X 4 inches. With frame, 9 3/4 inches X 8 1/2 inches. General Sir William Keir Grant was born in 1772. On...
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Mabel Spurrier (British, c. 1930) Oil on canvas. This quintessential depression-era painting depicts three young children sitting on the stoop in front of their house, painting in an art book. Behind, the wash hangs on the line. Signed to obverse, "M G Spurrier". Rectangular, 58 cms. X 48 cms. (22 3/4 inches X 18 3/4 Inches). Extremely charming subject and in very good condition. Mabel Spurrier flourished in the United Kingdom between 1920 - 1930, when she exhibited at the Royal Academy...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1900 item #954684 (stock #00557)
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American primitive school. Oil on canvas. An amazing historic document in the form of a portrait of an African-American share-cropper. The 19th Century portrait, which is in very good condition, was quite incredibly found in a barn in Maine. The portrait depicts a woman, standing by a cabin, in a vividly painted landscape, reminescent of Western North Carolina, with crops, a cabin, mountains, and a sunset beyond. Simple, modern cherry frame. 63 cms. X 53 cms. (25 inches X 21 inches). This...
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Federick Boyd Walters, Canadian, c. 1910. Watercolour portrait miniature of a little girl with blond hair and green eyes, her chin resting on her folded arms, leaning on a yellow cushion and wearing a short-sleeved white dress, Signed on the obverse, “Boyd-Walters”. Gilt mounted frame. Rectangular, 8 ¼ cms. X 9 cms. (3 ¼ inches X 3 ½ inches). Excellent condition. ...
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A watercolour portrait miniature of a beautiful little girl with fair hair and blue eyes, wearing a blue, smocked dress with blue headband and holding a stuffed animal. Signed in pencil to reverse, “F Boyd Walters RMS”. Oval, 7 ½ cms. diameter (2 ¾ inches). With rectangular frame, 12 cms. X 10 cms. (5 inches X 4 inches). The Canadian miniaturist, Frederick Boyd Walters was a member of the Royal Miniature Society, London. ...