Authentic Oaxacan Woodcarvings

Our selection of Oaxacan carvings features favorite traditional and fantasy sculptures in vibrantly painted wood. We offer works from accomplished and aspiring talent including some artists represented in exhibitions at renowned galleries and museums.

Hand-crafted Jewelry from Mexico

Mexico is a country well known for its skilled craftsmen and this beautiful jewelry is created by a group of these imaginative and talented local artisans. The varied designs are made of a combination of copper, brass and nickel, with a lacquer coating to deter tarnishing.

The sterling silver jewelry featured is .925 pure, from the silver center of Taxco, Mexico. Each piece is carefully selected from various talented designers for its unique beauty and quality.

Browse our hand selected Mexican designer jewelry. Browse our hand selected Mexican designer jewelry. Browse our catalog of both jewelry and folk art. Read about Que Pasa Read about our selection of Mexican handcrafted jewelry and folk art.

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