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In the past few years glass collecting has become more popular and many once rare pieces are now easily available to collectors. Internet auction sites and specialty web portals allow collectors, hobbyists, and enthusiasts to find a vast array of sources for just about any type of glass available. With just a click of your mouse, you can find another extra special piece to add to your collection. With this great abundance comes a sad truth, there are many poor quality imitations being sold as authentic with very expensive price tags. This unfortunately happens when buyers are not knowledgeable about what they are buying, and sellers are not honest about what they are selling. The best advice for any collector is: Do your homework. Research the item you are interested in, find reputable sources, and ask the seller questions. Any honest seller would welcome any questions you may have and are sometimes usually good sources of information.

This advice is invaluable for making sure you are not going to buy a reproduction when you believe you are buying an original but also when you decide to buy a reproduction. Many enthusiasts find that some reproduction pieces are just as good as the real thing and at a lower price tag. When you cannot find the original or when an original piece you own is lost or broken, a reproduction can take its place. The only problem is many reproductions are of very poor quality. Much detail and craftsmanship of an original is lost when today’s maker machine produces mass quantities of something that was once intricately handmade.

These mass-produced items in turn become poor examples of reproductions. Fortunately, there are also many very good quality reproductions out there too; you just have to do your homework.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and some pictures are worthless. You have to touch a piece to know that its real, or if its not. When you can only go by pictures, think about the item; think about where it is made, how it is made, and who is selling it to you. When you decide to purchase a reproduction, make sure you will be able to return your item if it is not satisfactory.

At Unique Glass Works, we sell the finest quality French cameo glass reproductions. We import our pieces from Romania from skilled artisans who are carrying on the traditions of renowned glassmakers such as Emile Galle, the Daum Brothers, and Charles Schneider “Charder”. The troupe of artisans we buy from use high quality materials and employ the same glassmaking techniques the masters created and used. Their outstanding works exhibits their devotion to the craft.

Why Romania, if its French cameo? Romanian craftsmen were among Emile Galle’s most talented students. When the Galle factory in Nancy, France closed its doors in 1914, those same craftsmen returned to their home country with the experience and techniques of their master. Today, Romania is a hot bed of skilled glassmakers who learned from those who learned from the best. All of our pieces are hand blown and free formed. The resemblance to the originals is remarkable. We often have collectors remarking on how our pieces are the best reproductions they have ever seen up close.

Unique Glass Works values the craft, the artisan, and our customers. We do not make any claim to sell originals but we are among the best online source for French cameo reproductions.


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