Requiem Antique Jewelry and Curios from Victorian to Modernist Requiem Antique
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Bedouin : Pre 1900 item #1000274
Requiem Antique
Wide ivory bracelet with thick and heavy sides dating to 1800s, African continent. Best overall patina with bark-like interior aging you will only find on authentic antique ivory. 149gr or 5 1/4 oz! The diameter of one opening is 2 1/4" while the reverse end measures about 2 1/8" diameter...SO CHECK YOUR FIT. Measures about 2" wide. Shape is very well rounded so appears like a pumpkin shape. Interior hairline from end to end however only shows to the exterior as short hairline...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Ethnic : Bedouin : Pre 1950 item #936842
Requiem Antique
Banded agate medallion is hand-carved with Arabic script, the names Allah, Mohammed, Hussein and Hasan. The bracelet is comprised of 4 sterling bangle bands all engraved and all stamped sterling inside. Most wax seals you may find will be carved into the faces of rings or fobs in carnelian or agate as seen here. Bracelet measures 2 5/8" diameter so will fit most. Face is 1 5/8" tall. Excellent condition!