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Pre-Victorian, mourning print from the early 19th century inscribed in 1832. These early American lithographs were hand-colored and inscribed as mourning mementos. The present excellent example memorializes the loss of an infant child “aged 9 months and 11 days” and depicts a surviving family of three, presumably intended to represent the parents and an older sister to the deceased, standing solemnly in dark mourning clothes by a large memorial stone amidst a stand of weeping willow trees...
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Ruyi Studio San Francisco
A very small piece of ephemera from Israel, entitled “GUIDE TO THE EXHIBITION OF CHINESE AND JAPANESE ART [/] From the collection of [/] MR. YIEHIEL NAHARI [/] MUSEUM TEL-AVIV [/] JANUARY 1953. Paper, stapled, 28 pages with a few black and white photographs. In English and Hebrew with a preface by Eugene Kolb (Director) and a short article entitled “Far-Eastern Ivory Carving” by Prof. W. Y. Tonn. 6-1/2” x 4-1/4”.