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From a California collection, an archival framed and glazed Chinese woodblock print, ink and color on paper with inscription and seal. Depicting a mature flowering prunus or plum blossom branch in painterly style, the inscription in Chinese may be translated as “painted by Zhou Zhimian” followed by a seal reading “Shi Jun.” Zhou Zhimian (1550-1610, also known as “Fuqin” and “Shaogu”) was a highly influential Ming dynasty bird-and-flower painter. Yang Xin (see p...
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Pre-Victorian, mourning print from the early 19th century inscribed in 1832. These early American lithographs were hand-colored and inscribed as mourning mementos. The present excellent example memorializes the loss of an infant child “aged 9 months and 11 days” and depicts a surviving family of three, presumably intended to represent the parents and an older sister to the deceased, standing solemnly in dark mourning clothes by a large memorial stone amidst a stand of weeping willow trees...
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NOTES ON MODERN PRINTING. By Merle Armitage. WILLIAM E. RUDGE’S SONS, NEW YORK. 71 pages followed by a short appendix of Merle Armitage books. Copyright 1945. Black slip case and black cloth cover with title in silver on spine and front cover. 10-1/2" x 7". A fine essay on modern typography and book design with beautiful and informative illustrations of vintage 20th Century books from the 20s, 30s and 40s, many by Armitage...
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ELBERT HUBBARD’S SCRAP BOOK. Copyright 1923 by the Roycrofters. WM H. WISE & CO. / ROYCROFT DISTRIBUTORS / NEW YORK CITY. This is a timeworn and well-read copy of Hubbard’s book. Blue cloth covers (worn). NO DUST COVER. All pages intact. A faint library accession number on the fly leaf. This appears to be the First Edition...