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This finely carved contemporary Japanese Katabori(stained ivory)carving of a monkey trainer carrying his monkey on his back with a cloth money bag attached to his waist,while walking with the aid of a walking stick truly shows the exceptional ability of the Japanese carver whose inset signature appears on the bottom of the base.(not very clear due to camera flash,but clear by itself)The photo enlargements really indicate the fine workmanship of this fine netsuke. Size:2 3/4"high.Condition:Perf...
Asia House
"SOLD" Thank you,Illinois
This exceptional contemporary Japanese Katabori (stained ivory) carving of a seated monkey with feet crossed and his head resting on his hands,is such a superb carving that it is difficult to describe just in words.The whimsical look on the monkey's face is just outstanding.I purchased this piece in Kyoto,Japan in 1981 from a very reliable local family who was selling part of their collection.On the back of the monkey there is an inset signature of the master carver but unfortunately I have ...