Spoils of Time Asian Ceramics and Works of Art Spoils of Time
Chion-in Temple Gate, Hiroshi Yoshida, woodblock print, laid down
Chinese Yixing Pottery Teapot
Korean, Republican Celadon Porcelain Duck Form Water Dropper, 20th C.
Ko-Kutani Style Large Deep Porcelain Charger, Bird in Peonies Decor
Kawase Hasui Woodblock Print, Kegon Falls in Nikko, 1927, Bijutsusha
Chinese Scroll Paining. Landscape. Chien Chien-chiu, member Kuomintang
Carved Tropical Hardwood Cane, name Paul V. McNutt, Historical Figure
Solomon Islands Carved And Incised Wood Samoan Crescent Club
Japanese Lacquer Fish Form Covered Serving Dish
A 20th Century Bizen Kogo Depicting A Reclining Sage or Monk
Modern, Unglazed,Japanese Brown Pottery Vase, Bold Chatter Decoration
20th Century Mingei Kokeshi Doll With Original Bark, Fixed Head
Mid 20th Century Mingei Kokeshi Dolls, Signed and Inscribed
Early 20th Century Hina-Ningyo Emperor & Empress Dolls
Korean Style Slip Inlaid Celadon Stoneware Bottle Vase
Buddha Asuka B 40/50 1955 Kiyoshi Saito Woodblock Print
Early 20th Century Japanese Porcelain Sometsuke Choko
Japanese Bamboo Flower Basket, Square Rim, Arch Handle