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All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Pre 1910 item #1018555 (stock #M1047)
Stonegate Antiques
The inhalation of medicinal vapors was common practice during the late 19th and early 20th century. Inhaling devices came in many shapes and forms. This very decorative and functional inhaler was very popular during that period. I have seen an earlier and rare, boxed VapoCresolene example from the 1870's, and it was not as decorative as this lovely late-Victorian-styled inhaler. It is complete and comes with it's very detailed box which sports information on its many merits.

The box measures 6.5" H and has some unobtrusive hand writing on the front panel. It is also missing the bottom though displays perfectly. The lamp is in original condition, complete and has a wonderful patina.

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #1089525 (stock #M1069)
Stonegate Antiques
A very nice early 1900's Veterinary medicine lithographed tin from The Newton Horse Remedy Co. Toledo, Ohio. This is the very rare small version of this neat tin that also mentions the 1906 Food and Drugs Act.

This very colorful and graphic Victorian era medicine tin has a wonderful and graphic image of a horse, sulky and driver. All 4 sides are packed with details, directions, price and a sales pitch.

The tin is 4.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. The tin has some minimal denting, oxidation on the top, and spots of scattered, a few paint chips and minor unobtrusive surface rust to the edges. This wonderful early tin would be a great addition to any vintage tin collection.

*****Please go to for an unbiased and informative article on the history of Dr Newton>*****

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1960 item #519598 (stock #BA582)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 8.25 inches long, this vintage, Black Chef Spoon rest was made in JAPAN in the 1950's. Along with its jolly, wide-eyed caricature, the spoon rest features a rose-colored tulip painted on both sides and reads “SPOON- REST” in partially worn, brown lettering at the top of the chef’s hat. Note small "hanging hole" in back for display on the kitchen wall!

Very few of these pieces survive due to the high level of use they encountered. This piece has obviously not seen any use at all as the paint remains absolutely perfect! No chips, cracks, breaks or repairs with very minor crazing and some very, very light beige discoloration at the outer edge of the handle bottom, this fine and very hard-to-find piece of Black Americana is an essential addition for the serious collector! Fabulous detailing!!

Please see the last photo for a companion piece-- an 6 inch Black MAMMY Spoon Rest, 1950's Japan-- also available for purchase and priced separately at $155.00.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1960 item #364924 (stock #BA541)
Stonegate Antiques
This darling, late 1950’s, foreign-made toy with gorgeous, colorful lithography measures approximately 10" tall and is in superb condition-- even retaining its original box!

This neat toy features four adorable blinky-eyed Golliwogs that perform individual somersaults as the Merry Go Round spins round and the tiny bell rings! This toy works quite nicely and comes with its original, metal, wind-up key!

This sweet toy appears to have been virtually unused with no wear evident other than some slight superficial scratching to the base. While there are no manufacturer’s marks, this toy was made in post WWII West Germany, and it does retain a paper sticker on its base written in German. This toy, with its red house, is a bit rarer than the same-period-white-colored-house-version; relatively fewer were produced with the red house!!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1960 item #385373 (stock #BA500)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 9.5 x 11.5 inches framed, this lovely, circa 1950’s, multi-colored, cross stitch sampler is entitled, “Enough Is As Good As A Feast”. In excellent condition and appearing to have been recently re-framed, this lovely piece features a Mammy and child carrying meal-filled dishes, presumably, to the dinner table. The sampler also features pretty flowers, and appropriately, a knife and a fork! The tiniest trace of a stain is barely visible at the top of the fork, but truly, it is not readily noticeable and certainly does not detract from the marvelous visual appeal of this very sweet piece!
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #674615 (stock #BA753)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring nearly 8 inches tall, this fabulous Mammy walker toy is constructed of lithographed tin and was made by the Lindstrom Tool & Toy Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Mammy is so marked on her backside!

This 1920-30's toy is the earlier version of the two Mammy walker toys produced by this company, and as one of the early tin African-American-themed toys, it is considered an important addition to any vintage toy collection representing this genre.

Mammy shuffles along quite nicely via her original wind-up mechanism. Over 80 years old, Mammy is still quite sturdy as she was very well made, but she does show some expected scratching from use over the years, and she also has some very typical, superficial surface rusting- most notably at one side seam.

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #1159100 (stock #M1080)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is a VERY RARE, pharmacy or drugstore, iron String Holder labeled "SSS for the Blood". "SSS for the Blood" was a 19th century patent medicine manufactured during the Victorian era. The medicine was a tonic that contained a high proportion of alcohol, and like many of its competitors of the time, claimed to be a cure for many different maladies.

The embossed "SSS for the Blood" lettering is present on both sides, and the pot-shaped holder is in very nice condition sporting a patina commensurate with its age. Measures about 5 inches high and ready for your collection!

Some History: Chances are the year 1826 doesn’t strike a deep historical chord to most Americans, but to the people at the S.S.S. Company, it was one of the most significant dates in history. For it was in 1826, that the mighty Creek Indians bequeathed a treasured remedy of theirs, now known as S.S.S. Tonic, to Captain Irwin Dennard of Perry, Georgia, as a reward for having saved the life of one of their Chieftains. Captain Dennard sold the formula to Colonel Charles T. Swift who also lived in Perry, Georgia, and Swift quickly formed a partnership with Colonel H.J. Lamar of Macon, Georgia, to bottle and sell the Tonic. In 1873, Colonel H.J. Lamar, foreseeing Atlanta as the future Metropolis of the South, moved the company to Atlanta. According to the company's history, the S.S.S. stood for Swift’s Southern Specific in the earlier years.

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1930 item #924000 (stock #M963)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale is an absolutely stunning 1920's, Art Deco, Apothecary Show Globe.

This beautiful pharmacy display is in excellent, all-original condition including the sculptured glass corked stopper!!

The only issue worth mentioning is some very minor interior water residue marking near the opening of each globe and some tarnishing to the frame. Please note that the mat the globe is standing on in the photos is not being sold with the globe.

The globe measures about 21 inches high and is capable of holding the colored water of your choice. A phenomenal display piece!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #520391 (stock #BA587,8,9)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale are 3 different 1930’s Belgian Metal Polish tins featuring a wonderful Smiling Black Man Logo! All are priced separately---the large at $175.00, and the two small tins at $145.00 each.

All three tins are in very fine condition with some very small spots of superficial rust and teeny superficial surface scratches here and there as would be expected of any item 70+ years of age. These were stored well over the years and their condition reflects this! The largest tin is in the most pristine. The two black, white and red tins are empty but the green and yellow tin still has a hardened lump of polish inside. The large tin measures 5 6/8 inches high, the small black tin measures 4 1/4 inches high, and the green tin measures 4 inches high.

These tins are not readily found on today’s market in this condition and would provide a handsome and visually striking display either as a group of 3 or as a single piece! A nice addition to the advanced Black Memorabilia collection!

As each tin is priced separately, please email us stating which tin you wish to purchase so that we can customize your order form.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #1224362 (stock #BA882)
Stonegate Antiques
If found in mint condition, this incredibly rare game, THE PICCANINNY BOWLING GAME, copyright 1928 and designed by the Spear's Game Company, Germany, retails at $525!

This particular specimen, unfortunately, was not stored with care, and it suffered exposure to dampness at some time during its 85 years. It is, thus, being offered at significant discount.

Measuring 10 3/4 inches tall x 7 1/4 inches wide, the game retains its cover with three of four sides present, the directions card, ALL FIVE original wooden throwing balls, and the game target board which features the five "piccaninnies".

The box bottom is missing as is some of the purple paper that decorated the sides of the target board and which also once framed the front cover. Remnants of this paper remain on two sides of the box cover.

The target board, despite its exposure to dampness, remains completely intact including the original metal guide pins that are located at the bottom of each piccaninny's open mouth and which would have helped to "guide" the target ball into the piccaninny's mouth during play. The target paper litho is somewhat loosened at the edges here and there, and foxing is present. The cover suffered the most exposure to dampness as is evident from viewing photos. There is foxing and some surface paper loss is evident as seen in photos.

The Spear Game Company designed the game, and it was manufactured in their facility in Bavaria, Germany. (This information was printed along the base of the game cover, although 50% of it is now no longer readable.) The Spear Works of Germany operated prolifically from the 1890s through the 1930's, and during this time period, it was recognized as the most well known, international manufacturer of games and children's activity kits. Publishing rights are noted on the direction page as J. W. Spear + Sons, New York City.

RARELY found!!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #364612 (stock #BA439)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 3 1/4 inches high, this Japan-made, quite nicely detailed and hand-painted, pot metal figure depicts the traditional RED CAP Railroad Porter with his arms quite full of luggage along with a set of golf clubs slung over his shoulder!

In excellent condition with virtually no evidence of paint loss, this sweet little figure-- as an added bonus to its delightful appeal—features a detachable suitcase, as one of the porter’s hands is actually a tiny hook!

Once commonly found, the tiny Red Cap Railroad Porter figure is becoming quite scarce!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #572110 (stock #New)
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All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1950 item #560833 (stock #BA601)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring approximately 6.25 inches high and 7 inches wide, this extraordinarily rare, 1930-40's Japan, Black Butler Cracker Jar is complete with original bamboo and wicker bail handle!

Stamped "MADE IN JAPAN" on base, this piece is in near perfect condition with no repairs or cracks. Flaws are as follows: there are some very small paint flakes to the jar base primarily on the back of the black coat as seen in photos. The lid has one very faint flake to the upper forehead that is very difficult to see. There is one small (1/4 inch) surface chip to the very edge of the butler's lower right collar near the bottom of the lid cover. The previous owner colored this in so it is quite hard to see on casual inspection. The coloring actually blends in with the unglazed black paint that lines the rim edges of both the base and the lid. Lastly, there are superficial craze lines visible inside the jar and on its base that do not affect structural integrity. The white spot on the butler's blue pants under his hands is not a paint flake but is a manufacturer's paint omission as it is glazed-covered.

This piece presents and displays very, very well. It is eye-catching and rather visually stunning!

This piece is very rare in today's collectible market, and when found, it frequently is missing the handle! 2005 Book Value for the Black Butler cracker jar in this condition is $850.00.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #799063 (stock #B255)
Stonegate Antiques
Carl Van Vechten (June 17, 1880 – December 21, 1964) was an American writer and photographer who was a patron of the Harlem Renaissance.

Nigger Heaven (first published in 1926) is a fictional novel set during the Harlem Renaissance in the United States in the 1920s. The book and its title have been controversial since its publication. The title refers to the balconies of movie theaters during the Jim Crow years, when balconies were reserved for African Americans, as the white audience sat below.

The novel, on the other hand, is a portrayal of life in the "great black walled city" of Harlem. It describes the interactions of intellectuals, political activists, bacchanalian workers, and other Harlem characters. The plot of the novel concerns two people, a quiet librarian and an aspiring writer, who try to keep their love alive as racism denies them every opportunity.

The novel became an instant bestseller and served as an informal pocket guide to Harlem. It also split the black literary community, as some, e.g. Langston Hughes, Nella Larsen, and Wallace Thurman, appreciated it, while others like Countee Cullen, W.E.B. DuBois, and Alain Locke regarded it as an "affront to the hospitality of black folks". The book fueled a period of "Harlemania", during which the area of Harlem became en vogue among white people, who then frequented its cabarets, bars, and so on.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, 1928. Hard Cover, 286 pages. Book Condition: Very Fine. Strong binding. No rips or missing pages. Pencil inscription first page. Slight edge wear to cloth cover and slight scuffing to back.

Interestingly, the novel also features 2 pages entitled, "Glossary of Negro Words and Phrases".

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1960 item #613156 (stock #BA719)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 5 inches long x 4 inches high, this wonderful 1950's George Lefton China BLACK CHEF Nodder Spoon Rest remains in fine vintage condition retaining its green ink manufacturing mark that reads as follows: "C"- in a circle (for copyright) "Geo. S. Lefton" "...13".

This great piece is in very nice condition with the exception of a light spider hairline to the GLAZE ONLY of the top of the chef hat. The spider does not penetrate to the ceramic. He also has two very tiny edge flea bites by his shoes. Other than these very minor obtrusions, this wonderful piece remains free of other fleabites or hairlines as well as free of repaint, paint wear, or repairs.

The chef's head "bobbles" or "nods" on a metal spring adding much whimsy to this piece! His face has wonderful detailing--as does his body, and he has a very pleasant facial expression!! His big wide smile accentuates his pearly whites! This cute chef holds a yellow wooden spoon in his right hand and wears an adorable red bowtie!


A delightful piece!!

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1940 item #520256 (stock #MG204)
Stonegate Antiques
$30.00 SOLD
Genuine Czech GLASS Mardi Gras necklaces or “beads” were produced exclusively in 1920’s and 1930’s Czechoslovakia, for use during the Pre-Lenten or Carnival celebrations of New Orleans, Louisiana. With the pre-World War II, German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939, Czech production of the glass necklaces was halted and was never again resumed.

70 years later, these gorgeous Czech Glass Mardi Gras beads are not only highly collectible but are becoming more increasingly scarce with each passing year. Use of color, shape, and form vary from one necklace to the next, with no two necklaces exactly alike.

Measuring 17 1/2 inches in length, this necklace is very delicate in appearance as it is constructed of a series of tiny, round glass beads that are in a multitude of spring-like colors: white, turquoise, mint green, pale beige, and clear that are accented by 3, larger, box-shaped white glass beads. Has a light and airy appearance!

All Czech Mardi Gras necklaces were originally strung using a thin, cotton thread that has naturally aged and weakened over the past 70+ years, and thus, are easily prone to breakage. Because of the fragility of the original cotton threading, this necklace has been professionally restrung using a sterling silver, "S" hook closure, and jeweler's, nylon-coated, stainless steel wire to ensure stability and safety when worn.

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #377737 (stock #M811)
Stonegate Antiques
This is an outstanding example of an apothecary counter urn dating back to the late 1800s. Appears to be hand blown with rippling marks in the glass. The bowl is molded to the pedestal base and the cover sports a decorative knob.

Measuring 13"H x 6"W this lovely urn in in very nice condition. The cover has a few unobtrusive edge chips. The urn portion has the expected wear of faint interior scratching which is expected in antique glass. A wonderful find indeed that has fabulous visual appeal!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1920 item #831540 (stock #BA730)
Stonegate Antiques
Please note: This item was photographed under glass, and thus some photos depict unavoidable light reflection which distorts both color and condition. Coloring of poster is rich and is uniform throughout with consistent color and tone. Please view all photos for true representation of fine condition.

Offered is a fabulous and very seldom found World War I recruitment poster that honors the service of the African-American male Army Calvary soldier.

Tastefully rendered, this 17" x 20" paper lithographed poster on cardboard depicts a World War I African-American Calvary soldier bidding farewell to his proud sweetheart/wife as his regiment marches forward off to war in the background.

This rarely found poster is entitled, "COLORED MAN IS NO SLACKER". It was published in 1918 by S.G. Renesch of Chicago (thus printed in lower left hand corner), and is one of only two WWI recruitment posters that were published for the purpose of encouraging the enlistment of male African-Americans. The theme of the two different posters was to offer participation in the first World War as an opportunity for African Americans to demonstrate their patriotism and serve their country. (The second recruitment poster was entitled "True Sons of Freedom" and invoked the memory of Abraham Lincoln and the staunch bravery of black troops to inspire African Americans to enlist.)

The poster remains in its original, black-painted, wooden frame with glass, with original nails holding the poster in place in the back.

The poster remains in very fine condition for its 90+ years of age, showing some subtle wrinkling of paper to the lower 1/5th of the poster, likely the result of subjection to dampness, although, please note, that NO water staining is present.

This poster is a credit to the service of the many African-American men who so faithfully served and died to protect the liberty of the United States of America.

A must-have addition to one's Black Memorabilia or Militaria collection!