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All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1910 item #378908 (stock #M794)
Stonegate Antiques
This wonderful pharmacy prescription scale dating to the early 1900s is in very nice condition! The scale box is finely constructed of oak and the balance beam scale comes with 5 small brass weights. The weighing mechanism works like new, in fact, there is not much wear apparent indicating minimal use and loving care over the years.

The oak case measures 11.75"L x 5.5"W and has a rich warm patina with very minor staining to the top. Displays wonderfully!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1950 item #389971 (stock #J899)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale is a wonderful drug store thermometer advertising various "BEEMAN'S" medicine products from the 1940-1950 era. The top portion is marked "B.Q.R" for Cold Discomforts. The lower section touts the benefits of "B.G.O" Ointment which was for "Burns, Poison Ivy, Insect Bites, Corns, Sunburn, Perspiring Feet, and Athletes Feet!" Sounds like a modern day quack medicine!

Constructed in metal and painted in a bright yellow with black lettering and interesting graphics, this sign has wonderful and vivid visual appeal!

Measures 6" x 16" and in very nice condition with some subtle surface scratches, a few flaws and some minor white paint residue on the bottom edge (see photos). The thermometer is quite functional and is ready for your collection!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #422796 (stock #M829)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale is a rare, 19th century, apothecary, pharmacy hanging show globe that is dated 1891 on the inside of the collar. This hand-blown glass globe sports an interior that is painted red! This is a feature I have never before seen, and this globe may have been so colored as a "special option" for its original owner.

The chains belonging to this 21" tall showglobe do not have the original central hook attachment. The hook that is currently attached to the chains is quite sturdy and can be easily replaced if desired. The fancy collar and base are in very good condition. The showglobe is complete with all 3 original finials and a decorative Victorian hangar and wall bracket making it ready to display in your collection. A very lovely and highly unusual -- perhaps one-of-a-kind apothecary show globe!

Showglobes have a rather interesting history in the early drug store / apothecary shop and can be compared to the "Trade Sign" that was hung on the exterior of a business to advertise a product or service. Although there has been much debate over time as to their actual purpose, it has been long thought that the color of the water was symbolic...for example, red and blue water representing arterial and venous blood. Some historians have suggested that showglobes were used as visual communication tools with red water representing plague or disease present in the community, and green water signaling an "all is well" in the community to travelers wishing to stop overnight. It has also been said that show globes in New England apothecaries would be illuminated at night to warn ships in the harbor of sickness, plague, etc.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #1119536 (stock #BA814)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 17 inches long x 9.25 inches wide x .75 inches deep, this untouched, all-original, double-sided wooden sign is an extraordinarily RARE piece of Black American history-- an artifact of the "Jim Crow" era when segregation of the African American race was unfortunately, most commonplace.

This sign once hung on the inside of a railroad car, designating the line behind which African Americans must remain-- in the back of the car.

The sign is painted in gold lettering on both sides as follows: the back of the sign is painted, "FOR COLORED PASSENGERS", while the front of the sign is painted, "FOR WHITE PASSENGERS".

The sign is in all-original condition and has some paint fading, fading of the wood stain in given places (please view photos), and imperfections in the wood as noted in photos. These do not impact the integrity of the sign and are appropriate to the age and purpose of the piece. The sign retains all of its original hardware including "keyhole" receptacle for hanging the sign inside of the railroad car.

An utterly phenomenal, extremely RARE, one-of-a-kind, museum-worthy piece of Black American history that may very well be the only one of its kind extant today!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1900 item #1043631 (stock #B267)
Stonegate Antiques
Published in 1876, by McLoughlin Brothers, New York, this extremely rare publication in the Uncle John's Drolleries series is a variation on the Ten Little Niggers story. (Both tales are highly derogatory and quite politically incorrect!)

Measuring 7 3/8 inches wide x 10 3/8 inches long, the book is illustrated in brilliant color with 8 full page chromolithographs. McLoughlin Brothers Publishers were re-known for fabulously-executed illustrations.

Condition: Good-- for its 134 years of age! Unpaginated. Paper covers. The book was stitched at the spine some time ago and this repaired binding remains tight. Several edge tears are present on the cover and to interior pages along with a heavy crease to the back page that is partially separated. These tears are evident in photographs. All original and complete--no missing pages.

Text: "One little nigger feeling rather blue, whistled out another nig and that made two. Three little niggers wanting one more, hadn't any trouble in getting number 4. Four little nigs not knowing how to drive, hired a colored coachman---that made 5. Five little niggers being calculating men, added one apiece, to make their number 10. Dis colored chile am done, dat sum; Five and five's ten---and now's gwine hum."

A must-have for the serious Black Memorabilia collector!!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #290331 (stock #BA412)
Stonegate Antiques
Circa 1930's, this extraordinarily tiny and delicate glass Black Boy perfume bottle measures just 2 inches high!

In excellent condition, this little piece of vintage Black Memorabilia, features hand-painted legs, hands, and a very sweet and whimsical face!

This piece is diagonally incised "Germany" across the back of the bottle and dates to the 1930's. These sweet little bottles typically experienced a second life as Christmas tree ornaments once their contents were exhausted, and thus, not many survive today!

A delightful and diminutive addition to one's Black Americana collection!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1920 item #709576 (stock #BA677)
Stonegate Antiques
This March 10, 1915 patented Black Man Jigger Toy was produced by The National Toy Company of Boston, Massachusetts and was designed to be placed on one's phonograph. When a record was played, the Black Jigger would dance and jiggle!

In fabulous and complete, all-original condition with no repaint, replaced pieces or repairs, this rare piece is impressed on the underside of its wooden and metal dancing platform with patent date and manufacturer (see photos). The dancing man is constructed of painted wood with teeny metal nails holding his arms and legs in place; knees are jointed. Measures 7 inches tall x 7 inches in length.

An extremely rare piece of Black Americana!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #927974 (stock #M1012)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is a extremely rare, 19th century, pharmacy apparatus for filling and sealing cachets which generally contained bitter "curative" powders.

This device is French and is called the CHAPIREAU'S CACHETEUR. The box houses fillers, compressors, a moistening dish, and an automatic handle used for holding and ejecting the filled cachet. Additionally, the 12 nickel-plated molds are housed on the underside of the box lid.

The maple box measures 9.5"L x 4.5"W x 3"H, and the automatic handle is a diminutive 3.25" tall.

Antique, early pharmacy implements such as this rarely survive due to their heavy, everyday use. To find such a device in this condition is a scarcity!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1970 item #431361 (stock #M826)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale is a lovely apothecary show globe that was originally offered to druggists in the 1960s – 1970s by Parke-Davis pharmacy salesmen. This 19.5 inch beauty sports a deep red decorated globe set upon a gold and black pedestal. The globe sports advertising on two sides of the base and the “Rx” on the globe.

The condition of the globe is very good with no damage to the plastic. There are some tiny white paint flecks to one side of the base otherwise the globe displays beautifully! Embossed “PRESCRIPTIONS” and “PARKE – DAVIS PHARMACEUTICALS” on the base.

A striking vintage advertising show globe ready for your collection.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Contemporary item #676637 (stock #BA652)
Stonegate Antiques
Painted on a 16 inch x 20 inch artist canvas panel, this highly colorful acrylic painting was executed by Geraldine Smith, a self-taught, African-American, Southern, Folk Artist.

This vibrant work, painted in June 2006, depicts a charming 1930's scene of a Southern cotton farm complete with log cabin, old stone wall, dilapidated truck, two big red barns, and two black women picking cotton in the fields. The leaves have turned the brilliant colors of autumn and some have fallen to the ground. The piece is signed in red in the lower left corner "Geraldine Smith June 2006".

(Please disregard any "shiny" or "white" areas in the painting; these are the result of camera flash glare ONLY and are not imperfections in this work. The colors in this painting are actually more vibrant and brilliant in tone than can be depicted in photos.)

Geraldine Smith, who is now in her late 50's, did not begin painting until the late 1980's when she saw the television painter, Bob Ross, and decided she wanted to give painting a try. "I don't know why," Ms. Smith said. "I couldn't draw a straight line. I'd sit up all night trying to paint. Lord help me. Something was driving me to learn to paint." Smith credits The Lord with providing her with the continued inspiration to paint, and states, "When the spirit is leading me, I can paint and paint."

Source for quotes and newspaper photo, The News, South Carolina.

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #906575 (stock #M988)
Stonegate Antiques
This is a fine example of an antique pharmacy tool-of-the-trade known as a pill machine (often mistakenly labeled as a "pill roller"). It is constructed of what appears to be walnut with a brass mechanism.

The early pharmacist slid the top paddle over the matching base, cutting a dough-like, medicinal mixture into cylindrical tubes. The medicinal tubes were then placed on a pill tile and were measured and cut with a pill knife to sizes providing the proper dosages.

The base measures 12" L x 7.25" W. The paddle measures nearly 16 inches long. Condition is very good with the expected wear commensurate with age and use. Sports a fabulous patina!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #799063 (stock #B255)
Stonegate Antiques
Carl Van Vechten (June 17, 1880 – December 21, 1964) was an American writer and photographer who was a patron of the Harlem Renaissance.

Nigger Heaven (first published in 1926) is a fictional novel set during the Harlem Renaissance in the United States in the 1920s. The book and its title have been controversial since its publication. The title refers to the balconies of movie theaters during the Jim Crow years, when balconies were reserved for African Americans, as the white audience sat below.

The novel, on the other hand, is a portrayal of life in the "great black walled city" of Harlem. It describes the interactions of intellectuals, political activists, bacchanalian workers, and other Harlem characters. The plot of the novel concerns two people, a quiet librarian and an aspiring writer, who try to keep their love alive as racism denies them every opportunity.

The novel became an instant bestseller and served as an informal pocket guide to Harlem. It also split the black literary community, as some, e.g. Langston Hughes, Nella Larsen, and Wallace Thurman, appreciated it, while others like Countee Cullen, W.E.B. DuBois, and Alain Locke regarded it as an "affront to the hospitality of black folks". The book fueled a period of "Harlemania", during which the area of Harlem became en vogue among white people, who then frequented its cabarets, bars, and so on.

Published by Grosset & Dunlap, 1928. Hard Cover, 286 pages. Book Condition: Very Fine. Strong binding. No rips or missing pages. Pencil inscription first page. Slight edge wear to cloth cover and slight scuffing to back.

Interestingly, the novel also features 2 pages entitled, "Glossary of Negro Words and Phrases".

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #877420 (stock #BA746)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring approximately 7 inches high, this highly sought after Black Vargas wax figure which is mounted on its original wooden platform, is one of a series of fascinating "street character wax dolls" conceived of and crafted by Mrs. Conception Vargas Alfonso, daughter of the world-renowned, turn-of-the-century-New Orleans, Spanish sculptor, Francisco Vargas.

From approximately 1915 through the 1930's, Mrs. Vargas-Alphonso, influenced by the artistry of her father who also sculpted in wax, crafted a variety of wax dolls inspired by the black folk she saw on New Orleans's street corners while growing up. Sold exclusively at the time through Harriet's, of 318 Rue Royale in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the completely hand-made, one-of-a-kind dolls are seldom found on today's market due to their inherently fragile nature, making them highly sought after in the Black Memorabilia Collectible arena.

This particular figure is known as the Vegetable Seller.

Vargas wax figures are distinctly characterized by their interesting but highly exaggerated facial features. The Vegetable Seller wears a blue and yellow striped bandanna around his neck, dark pants, and an orange and yellow polka dot shirt- all constructed of actual cloth fabric that was coated with a fine layer of clear wax to stiffen them. He carries a straw basket containing three different types of vegetables in his right hand while holding a corn cob in his outstretched left hand. His wax body is internally supported by a wire frame through which the figure is securely attached to the wooden base. The bottom of the base retains its original paper sticker which reads, "HARRIET'S, 318 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA". Harriet's Gift Shoppe was the exclusive retail outlet for the sale of Vargas figures to the public.

This wonderful figure is in mint condition for his 75+ years of age with no apparent or visible imperfections. Amazingly, all fingers and both thumbs remain perfectly intact! (The fingers are so very, very thin and fragile that they are quite easily broken.)

The Vegetable Seller is most delightful- a snapshot into 1920's New Orleans cultural history!

Please see the other Vargas figure that is currently available and priced separately--type "Vargas" in the search box to quickly locate them. A photo of the other Vargas figure currently available for purchase has been included, for the buyer's viewing convenience, in this listing.

Please note- any white or light spots noted in photos are a result of sun light glare and are not reflective or discoloration or fading.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1960 item #519598 (stock #BA582)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 8.25 inches long, this vintage, Black Chef Spoon rest was made in JAPAN in the 1950's. Along with its jolly, wide-eyed caricature, the spoon rest features a rose-colored tulip painted on both sides and reads “SPOON- REST” in partially worn, brown lettering at the top of the chef’s hat. Note small "hanging hole" in back for display on the kitchen wall!

Very few of these pieces survive due to the high level of use they encountered. This piece has obviously not seen any use at all as the paint remains absolutely perfect! No chips, cracks, breaks or repairs with very minor crazing and some very, very light beige discoloration at the outer edge of the handle bottom, this fine and very hard-to-find piece of Black Americana is an essential addition for the serious collector! Fabulous detailing!!

Please see the last photo for a companion piece-- an 6 inch Black MAMMY Spoon Rest, 1950's Japan-- also available for purchase and priced separately at $155.00.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1940 item #364590 (stock #BA434)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 4 inches high, this very visually appealing, VINTAGE, solid brass Grinning Black Man with Bowtie Bottle Opener is in near excellent condition with very minimal wear! Scarcely used, he still retains 90% of his original black and gold paint! Designed to be mounted to the wall via three screws, it is quite likely this bottle opener saw little use given its excellent condition! A fabulous find!
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #487115 (stock #BA566)
Stonegate Antiques
A very difficult to find Tin, Black Man dancing toy!

In very fine condition, with faint, superficial scratches expected of a 70+ year old metal toy, this wonderful Tuxedoed Dancing Black Man is in working condition! He is stamped "Made in USA" on his back and was made by Buffalo Toy Works. It is operated via a small metal lever at the base that can be jiggled (thus, the name "Jigger" Toy) up and down and back and forth to make Dancing Sambo wave his arms and jiggle his legs!

Measures approximately 6.5 inches high. Maker unknown. Displays wonderfully!

Please note that any white spots appearing in photos are from the camera flash and are not imperfections!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #377660 (stock #M809)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale is a wonderful 19th century brass and wood English Apothecary Balance Scale. This lovely balance retains its original patina on both the wooden base and brass scales.

The arm is marked "T.O.Co. J. HALL & SON-Makers-Birmingham" and "Class 1 - To Weigh 1 lb."

The scale measures 16"L x 8"W at the wood base and 16 inches high. The condition appears original with only minor distortion to the wood base.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1950 item #950210 (stock #BA769)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is a vintage, Occupied Japan, tin and celluloid, wind up toy depicting a dancing Black Man or Jigger with cane and hat.

This delightful toy dancer stands on the corner of 125th Street and Lenox Avenue, the Gateway to Harlem, New York City!

The toy is complete and is in excellent working condition. Wind him up and his arms go round and his feet tap frantically! Retains original key. The dancer's head and hat are celluloid. His red felt jacket is age-stained as seen in photos. The dancer's other clothes are in fine condition as are the tin and celluloid components.

The dancer measures 8 1/2" tall, with base 3" by 2 3/4" across. On the back of the platform, the toy is marked: MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN PATENT NO15139 DESIGN PATENT NO92497. Items marked "Occupied Japan" date from 1945-1952.

A delightful addition to one's Black Memorabilia collection!