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All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1930 item #427474 (stock #BA422)
Stonegate Antiques
This extraordinarily RARE, circa 1920's, vintage Americana Folk Art, BLACK MINSTREL SHOW Banjo & Case is a Black Memorabilia collector's dream!

Seldom found on today's Black Americana market, this piece comes out of a Chicago estate and was said to have been used in Chicago area Black Minstrel Shows.

The FOLK ART quality painting to this authentic banjo is wonderful, with little paint wear, and it depicts a smiling, pig-tailed, black man playing the very same model banjo! The name, "JoJo" is also hand-painted in red and pink on the front of the original leather banjo case.

The banjo does not bear a maker's mark, but is stamped "patent applied for" as noted in one photo. It measures 22 inches long x 8 inches wide at its widest point. The overall condition of the piece is quite remarkable given its 85+ years of age with expected age wear.

This phenomenal piece of BLACK MEMORABILIA from the BLACK MINSTREL SHOW era remains a RARE & IMPORTANT historical artifact, and is absolutely stunning as a Folk Art display piece!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1950 item #677843 (stock #BA000)
Stonegate Antiques
This interesting grouping of vintage, wooden, Mammy and Porter clothes brushes were all made in the 1930's by the Rhody Brush Company of Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

All seven brushes have natural bristles, and the two green Mammies actually have lightly visible remnants of original green circles painted on their bristle skirts.

Six of the brushes are in excellent condition having been very lightly used, while one of the Porters has paint wear to his jacket as noted in the photos.

Please see photos for detail shots!

As each is priced separately (see photos for pricing), please email us stating which item you wish to purchase so that we can customize your order form.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1900 item #434035 (stock #BA543)
Stonegate Antiques
This stately, titled, English Staffordshire figure of a seated Uncle Tom and Little Eva was produced circa 1853-1855.

Inspired by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s 1853 publication of her controversial “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, the figure depicts the gentle Uncle Tom holding his little mistress, Miss Eva, who is standing on his knee.

The figure is decorated in wonderfully vivid colors, measures 10.5 inches high, and is in very fine condition with the exception of expected and appropriate superficial crackling to the glaze.

It is titled “Uncle Tom” on the front base, and is referenced in Harding's Victorian Staffordshire Figures 1835-1875, figure 1090 (Book I).

An very exceptional piece of Black Memorabilia for the discriminating collector.

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1940 item #520256 (stock #MG204)
Stonegate Antiques
$30.00 SOLD
Genuine Czech GLASS Mardi Gras necklaces or “beads” were produced exclusively in 1920’s and 1930’s Czechoslovakia, for use during the Pre-Lenten or Carnival celebrations of New Orleans, Louisiana. With the pre-World War II, German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939, Czech production of the glass necklaces was halted and was never again resumed.

70 years later, these gorgeous Czech Glass Mardi Gras beads are not only highly collectible but are becoming more increasingly scarce with each passing year. Use of color, shape, and form vary from one necklace to the next, with no two necklaces exactly alike.

Measuring 17 1/2 inches in length, this necklace is very delicate in appearance as it is constructed of a series of tiny, round glass beads that are in a multitude of spring-like colors: white, turquoise, mint green, pale beige, and clear that are accented by 3, larger, box-shaped white glass beads. Has a light and airy appearance!

All Czech Mardi Gras necklaces were originally strung using a thin, cotton thread that has naturally aged and weakened over the past 70+ years, and thus, are easily prone to breakage. Because of the fragility of the original cotton threading, this necklace has been professionally restrung using a sterling silver, "S" hook closure, and jeweler's, nylon-coated, stainless steel wire to ensure stability and safety when worn.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #611319 (stock #BA646)
Stonegate Antiques
This authentic, 1930-40's, framed barber shop or beauty salon advertisement for "Slick Black Hair Color and Straightener" for African Americans was extremely difficult to photograph as it is framed under glass. Please note that actual poster color is deep, rich, and even throughout, and that any imperfections in the images as may appear in photos, are due strictly to lighting and glare difficulties.

This colorful paper broadside measures approximately 10.5 inches wide x 15.25 inches, and framed, measures 17 inches wide x 22 inches long. The poster or broadside is in excellent condition with the exception of a small, 1.5 inch long crease line above the top of the gray side of the model under the word "hair'. Otherwise wonderful!!

This piece has been matted and framed for some time and most recently hung on a wall in a Florida restaurant. To deter pilferage, the frame was actually screwed into the wall and as such, has evidence of minor puttying and repainting restoration where the two little screw holes were in the frame. The new owner may wish to continue restoration or simply leave the frame as is!

This poster is rarely found in the antiques market today, and due to its striking imagery and coloring, is destined to become a most delightful and decorative room focal point!!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #1089525 (stock #M1069)
Stonegate Antiques
A very nice early 1900's Veterinary medicine lithographed tin from The Newton Horse Remedy Co. Toledo, Ohio. This is the very rare small version of this neat tin that also mentions the 1906 Food and Drugs Act.

This very colorful and graphic Victorian era medicine tin has a wonderful and graphic image of a horse, sulky and driver. All 4 sides are packed with details, directions, price and a sales pitch.

The tin is 4.25 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide. The tin has some minimal denting, oxidation on the top, and spots of scattered, a few paint chips and minor unobtrusive surface rust to the edges. This wonderful early tin would be a great addition to any vintage tin collection.

*****Please go to for an unbiased and informative article on the history of Dr Newton>*****

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1940 item #364603 (stock #BA436)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 7 3/4 inches long, this VERY RARE, 1930’s VINTAGE, Cast Iron, Black Man Chef spoon rest retains most of its original gold paint suggesting that it saw minimal actual use! The well-appointed Black Chef sports a very wide grin and holds a bowl of eggs in his right arm and a wooden mixing spoon in his left.

He is in very fine condition with a smattering of teeny superficial dings to the front side paint surface as well as some very superficial rusting here and there. The backside of the spoon rest is perfect and looks as though it came right out of the factory just yesterday!

The following is imprinted on the backside: “Compliments The Toledo Stove And Range Co”, documenting the spoon rest’s original function- continuous promotional advertising presented as a free giveaway to buyers purchasing the company’s products!

Offered separately is the equally rare companion piece- The Black Mammy Spoon Rest from Toledo Stove and Range! A fortuitous opportunity to acquire a very rare Black Memorabilia pair!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1960 item #519598 (stock #BA582)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 8.25 inches long, this vintage, Black Chef Spoon rest was made in JAPAN in the 1950's. Along with its jolly, wide-eyed caricature, the spoon rest features a rose-colored tulip painted on both sides and reads “SPOON- REST” in partially worn, brown lettering at the top of the chef’s hat. Note small "hanging hole" in back for display on the kitchen wall!

Very few of these pieces survive due to the high level of use they encountered. This piece has obviously not seen any use at all as the paint remains absolutely perfect! No chips, cracks, breaks or repairs with very minor crazing and some very, very light beige discoloration at the outer edge of the handle bottom, this fine and very hard-to-find piece of Black Americana is an essential addition for the serious collector! Fabulous detailing!!

Please see the last photo for a companion piece-- an 6 inch Black MAMMY Spoon Rest, 1950's Japan-- also available for purchase and priced separately at $155.00.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1900 item #1166348 (stock #BA834)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring just under 6.5 inches in width, this VERY RARE, 19th century, hand-forged iron, slave collar with unusual incised detailing was recently uncovered in Texas.

Complete with functional locking mechanism and -even more scarcely found- a working key, this seldom found piece remains in excellent, all-original condition and stands as a horrid, tangible testament to the malevolence of slavery.

The collar is constructed of two, hefty, separate, semi-circular pieces of iron that are hinged together via a thick iron pin that has a "head" on either end preventing the two pieces from separating. While the interior of the collar is plain, the exterior, very unusually, has been "decorated" with incised diagonal lines cut between horizontal, incised banding at the top and bottom of each piece (see photos). The collar, thus, opens and closes at only one end.

The collar is locked and unlocked via a hand-forged locking mechanism that, amazingly, retains its original key--- an extraordinarily rare occurrence today as typically the key has been long ago lost. The locking mechanism remains smooth and is readily operable. It is unlocked by fully inserting the key and slowly turning it to the right until the pin holding the lock in place is released. To lock, reinsert the open hinge into the lock and hold in place while turning the key to the left.

An excellent and rare example of an artifact of slavery- a material reminder of the malevolence and cruelty suffered by African-Americans in 17th, 18th, and 19th century America.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #442130 (stock #BA721)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 7 1/2 inches high x 6 inches in diameter, this very visually appealing, bright red, 3 pound size, VINTAGE LUZIANNE COFFEE TIN is in near excellent condition with just a few very tiny rubs and scratches and some superficial rust to the base. (Please disregard any variation in surface color that may appear in some photos. Color is vivid and uniform throughout. Any color variation seen in photos is due to lighting conditions and light reflections, not tin discoloration.)

The tin bears a copyright date of 1928, and given its fine condition, was obviously safely tucked away over the past 75+ years!

Processed and packaged by the William B. Reilly Company of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Baltimore, Maryland, this fabulous tin retains its original bail handle as well as its original cover! The tin features a vivid graphic of "Mammy Serving Coffee" which was the second style of Mammy graphic used by the company on its coffee tins. Additionally, this tin was part of a special sale promotion as evidenced by the advertising on the lid which is now partially worn off. The advertising reads: "Special 15 Cents Off Offer".

In marvelous condition- an especially lovely and visually appealing piece of vintage Black Americana advertising!!!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1950 item #350516 (stock #M797)
Stonegate Antiques
This interesting, circa 1930's, dentist's kit was used to match size and shape of teeth to be replaced! The handsome black Bakelite case is in nice condition, containing many original sample teeth and sporting 9 drawers with oval metal labels. All drawers open smoothly except for the top one. Small unobtrusive right edge chips on 3 shelves fail to detract from this interesting dental collectible.

Measures 6.5"H x 7"W x 5"D and bears the label, "The Dentists’ Supply Co. of N.Y. – Bioform".

A striking dental display!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1900 item #428395 (stock #BA517)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 25.5 inches wide x 22 inches high in its original oak frame (the artwork itself measures 19.5 inches x 16.5 inches), this extremely rare, museum-quality example of American Folk Art with Deep South Black Americana theme, features the unusual combination of stenciled (?) cotton, crewel stitch-work, and oil and watercolor painting to achieve its phenomenal look!

Cheerily entitled, “Down Where The Cotton Blossoms Grow”, the scene encapsulates a moment in time in the life of poor, southern, Black folk living as part of a tenant farming family in a wooden cabin at the edge of a expansive cotton field. A young, barefoot black boy and his graying mama are caught in a happy moment smiling and dancing next to a freshly-picked burlap bag of cotton.

This artwork has been completed on a tightly woven piece of tan cotton, with the outline of the basic design either pre-stenciled or hand-painted with black India ink. (Without removing the piece from its frame and examining it under the stronger power of a microscope, this is difficult to determine.)

The artist then used watercolors to paint in the broad areas of color prior to using embroidery cotton and silk thread to stitch the title, and to outline the trees, the landscape, the wooden cabin, the two black figures and their clothing, etc. The final touch was to paint in the cotton blossoms and aspects of the folk’s facial features with a white oil paint. The result is a larger scale, utterly charming Folk Art Black Americana scene!

The condition of the piece, which is framed under glass, is excellent with no staining, tears, or other damage to the cotton fabric. The original solid oak frame shows some scuffing and subtle traces of paint. The original wood backing remains as well as several original square head nails.

This piece is truly a unique example of traditional, late 19th century, American Folk Art! Coupled with its Black Americana theme, this artistic rendering is a rare and precious offering!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1970 item #192964 (stock #M953)
Stonegate Antiques
Schering is noted for creating some of the most colorful, striking, and detailed of all 20th century pharmacy commemoratives!

This fabulous, Schering-produced, reverse-painted, glass, display windowpane honors the many pharmacy fraternities that were established from 1883 through 1919.

This apothecary display piece is a work of art mimicking the appearance of a vintage stained glass window! The original paint was applied so as to produce an aged or antiqued appearance that is quite complimentary to the piece! Quite visually appealing, the display piece depicts a traditional show globe in each corner; it is further embellished by the Greek key design that encapsulates the symbol of the pharmacy trade – a mortar and pestle.

The circa 1960’s, commemorative display can be seated in a stand if desired, measuring 9” high x 6” wide. It is in very nice unused condition. A lovely drug store collectible!

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #330510 (stock #M815)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered for sale is a wonderful, 19th century, apothecary, pharmacy hanging show globe dated 1891 on the inside of the collar. The blown glass globe in in good condition except for interior haziness (which likely can be removed) as well as a small 1/2" crack. The metal components have been painted gold long ago and actually looks quite pleasing.

Showglobes have a rather interesting history in the early drug store / apothecary shop and can be compared to the "Trade Sign" that was hung on the exterior of a business to advertise a product or service. Although there has been much debate over time as to their actual purpose, it has been long thought that the color of the water was symbolic...for example, red and blue water representing arterial and venous blood. Some historians have suggested that showglobes were used as visual communication tools with red water representing plague or disease present in the community, and green water signaling an "all is well" in the community to travelers wishing to stop overnight. It has also been said that show globes in New England apothecaries would be illuminated at night to warn ships in the harbor of sickness, plague, etc.

There are no chains with this 21" tall showglobe. Also note that a creative previous owner has adapted the collar with a hook (for hanging with a single chain) that can be removed if desired.

All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Scientific : Pre 1900 item #313194 (stock #RB-Konseal)
Stonegate Antiques
This hard to find pharmacy “KONSEAL FILLING and CLOSING APPARATUS” was used by early 20th century druggists in the Pierce Pharmacy, Hartford, Connecticut.

The machine was made by The J. M. Grosvenor Co., Boston, and was the most widely used cachet preparation device in American pharmacies.

The condition of this wonderful apothecary tool of the trade is very good, complete with the warm, rich patina one would expect of an antique of this age including the usual scratches, marks and unobtrusive dings and tarnish. The metal parts appear to be nickel plated, and the case is of a hard wood construction. The apparatus measures approximately 18”L x 10”W x 2” H.

The accessories appear to be complete when compared to the images seen in the directions that is glued to the inside case and my reference text. There are 3 packets full of directions for patient use. There is an extra set of funnels included with this sale.

The interior divider has some partially missing edges that does not distract from this set .

A must addition for any pharmacy/apothecary collection.

Please check my website often as this and many other vintage pharmacy items from the Pierce Pharmacy will be posted in the coming weeks. (Circa 1960 PHOTOS of the Pierce Pharmacy are NOT INCLUDED in the sale.)

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #365277 (stock #B212)
Stonegate Antiques
A representative sampling of pages from this hard-to-find, 1938, hard cover, Little Black Sambo book published by McLoughlin Brothers, Inc., of Springfield, Massachusetts, has been photographed for one’s viewing pleasure!

In utterly excellent condition with the only flaws noted being very subtle wear to spine edges and book cover tips, this version of Little Black Sambo is highly collectible as any item produced by its publisher, McLoughlin Brothers, is aggressively sought due to the company’s reputation for use of extraordinarily vivid graphics.

Thirty pages long with 14 vividly colored illustrations and 4 completed in black and white by Hildegard Lupprian. A must have edition for the collector of Little Black Sambo books!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #1224716 (stock #BA888)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is an incredibly RARE game, circa 1900-1920s, Spear Works, Germany, dexterity game very obtusely entitled "THE WHITE EYED COON".

The game features a VERY brightly colored lithograph target in near mint, virtually unused condition, depicting "THE WHITE EYED COON" dressed as a clown with a nose mimicking that of a RHINOCEROS HORN! The rhinoceros horn nose serves as one of the game hooks.

The target is affixed to the box base interior and additionally retains its two original metal hooks placed on either side of the gent's large, polka dot, bow tie.

This brightly lithographed game retains 5 original, colored, pressed-cardboard throwing rings. The game directions, which are attached to the inside of the original cardboard cover, do not specify the number of rings originally included in the game.

Measuring 8 3/4 inches tall x 6 1/4 inches wide x 1 inch deep, the game cover as well as the target piece display absolutely wonderfully!

As evident in the photos, the box and box cover show expected wear given their 90-100+ years of age. The box cover shows evidence of exposure to dampness and or water, some small areas of missing paper and edge wear. The box base EXTERIOR shows edge wear, some creasing and some very small areas of missing paper. As stated earlier, the target, itself, looks as though it was never played with. Just fabulous!

The game does not retain a copyright year, but the Spear Works of Germany operated prolifically from the 1890s through the 1930's, and during this time period, it was recognized as the most well known, international manufacturer of games and children's activity kits.

The box cover is labeled "Spear's Games", "Manufactured at The Spear Works in Germany. Designed in England".


All Items : Archives : Instruments and Implements : Pre 1900 item #835990 (stock #ConBliss)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is a highly unusual, Civil War era, doctor's medicine case packed with over 100 pill vials. The leather case is in "as found" condition and could use a light cleaning. There are a total of 6 sections that secure the many vials. Four of the sections contain narrow corked vials, and the 2 other sections contain larger screw top and corked vials. Many of the medicines are labeled and most contain their contents.

The case latches together and has a worn handle and exterior center supports. The hinged portions of the interior compartments are partially intact and functional and are in generally good condition considering its age.

The case measures 15"L x 6"W x 6"H and is a wonderful example of early medical doctor's equipment. Rarely found in this very large sized case!