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All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #442130 (stock #BA721)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 7 1/2 inches high x 6 inches in diameter, this very visually appealing, bright red, 3 pound size, VINTAGE LUZIANNE COFFEE TIN is in near excellent condition with just a few very tiny rubs and scratches and some superficial rust to the base. (Please disregard any variation in surface color that may appear in some photos. Color is vivid and uniform throughout. Any color variation seen in photos is due to lighting conditions and light reflections, not tin discoloration.)

The tin bears a copyright date of 1928, and given its fine condition, was obviously safely tucked away over the past 75+ years!

Processed and packaged by the William B. Reilly Company of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Baltimore, Maryland, this fabulous tin retains its original bail handle as well as its original cover! The tin features a vivid graphic of "Mammy Serving Coffee" which was the second style of Mammy graphic used by the company on its coffee tins. Additionally, this tin was part of a special sale promotion as evidenced by the advertising on the lid which is now partially worn off. The advertising reads: "Special 15 Cents Off Offer".

In marvelous condition- an especially lovely and visually appealing piece of vintage Black Americana advertising!!!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1940 item #964370 (stock #B261)
Stonegate Antiques
All five pages of this infrequently-found, 1932, soft cover, Little Black Sambo book published by the Platt & Munk Company of New York, have been photographed for one’s viewing pleasure!

In utterly excellent condition with the only flaw noted being pencil scribble to the back cover, this version of Little Black Sambo is seldom found on today’s market given the delicate nature of its thick paper pages. Both the black and white as well as color illustrations are superb!

A must have edition for the collector of Little Black Sambo books!

To see all of the Little Black Sambo items currently available for sale, simply type “Sambo” into the search box on our website homepage.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1910 item #1198235 (stock #B275)
Stonegate Antiques
Presented as an historical and cultural artifact, this extraordinarily RARE, very scarcely found, cloth book entitled Ten Little Niggers with Music was published in London, circa 1904, by Dean's Rag Book Co. Ltd. This registered issue is the very early No. 82 and was patented in Great Britain, Germany and the United States. The book measures 8.50 inches long x 6.75 inches wide.

The book tells the infamous story of ten little African-American boys who are gradually eliminated in number via one circumstance after another--most utterly horrid-- choking to death, chopping himself in half, being crushed by a bear, being swallowed by a red herring, etc, ending with the last boy sadly living all alone, a circumstance he happily remedies by getting married.

Originally published in 1868 under the Title of “The Ten Little Indians,” this poem was used during minstrel shows, which oftentimes were traveling acts, performed by white actors in blackface following the Civil War. The following year, the poem was adapted to this overtly horrid, racist rendition, replacing the word Indians with “Nigger” in both minstrel shows, printed sheet music, and children’s nursery rhyme books. This version married the stereotypes of violence and ignorance within the African-American population with the intent of villainizing freed black males while simultaneously allowing violence acts to befall the black characters portrayed in the rhyme.

This 109 year old book remains in all-original, very good condition with no alterations or repairs. Original binding and stitching remain tight and in tact with exception of a one inch long tear to binding at base (see photo). Illustrated by R. J. (James) Williams, the interior illustrations remain very brightly colored; front and back covers show some soiling and fading of color. A small section of cloth is missing from the lower left corner of the front cover, and on the second page, there is some tearing to the cloth with missing fiber (see photos of both). Light foxing throughout.

In truly remarkable condition for its age and in consideration of its all-cloth construction. This title is very RARELY found in today's market and is an absolute cornerstone piece in any serious Black Memorabilia collection!

To view other versions of this book presently available for separate purchase, please type the words "ten little" into the SEARCH box on our home page.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1930 item #728185 (stock #BA678)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 36 inches wide, this two piece, untouched, all-original, single-sided, solid, one-inch-thick-wooden, circa 1920s sign is an extraordinarily RARE piece of Black American history-- an artifact of the "Jim Crow" era when segregation of the African American race was unfortunately, most commonplace.

This sign was once hung on the outside of the railroad station stop at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, designating the section of the railroad depot where African-Americans were required to stand to wait to board the train -- and then onto a specifically designated "COLORED ONLY" railroad car.

This sign is offered to the collecting public for the first time as it was recently recovered from the attic of an early 1900's home in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, that is presently undergoing restoration.

This fabulous sign is painted on both sides- white background with black lettering on the front and pale green on the back- but only the front side carries the hand-lettered "COLORED SECTION" "PINE BLUFF SECTION" lettering. If one looks closely, one can still see the pencil markings made by the painter to center the lettering on the sign.

This one-of-a-kind sign is in all-original condition and has some paint loss, crazing, nail holes, original nails, and superficial splintering to the edges of the sign as noted in photos. None of these age-characteristics impact the integrity of the sign and are more than appropriate to the age and purpose of the piece.

The sign consists of two separate pieces of wood; the first piece reading "COLORED SECTION measures 12 inches long and the second piece which denotes the physical location of this Arkansas railroad depot, reading "PINE BLUFF" with the words "SECTION" having been split off some time ago measures 7.5 inches long. The two sections need not be displayed together as the "COLORED SECTION" sign stands wonderfully on its own; the PINE BLUFF sign documents location but need not be hung if one does not wish to do so. Hooks and eyes have been added to facilitate hanging. They can be easily removed if desired.

An utterly phenomenal, extremely RARE, one-of-a-kind, museum-worthy piece of Black American history that is quite likely the only one of its kind extant today!

Please take a moment to view the other "Jim Crow" Segregationist Era signs I currently have the pleasure of offering.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1900 item #921919 (stock #BA755)
Stonegate Antiques
Circa 1880’s, this extremely rare, Log Cabin Cigar Tobacco Box with its fabulous, all-original, color lithograph is in just wonderful condition given its 120++ years of age!

Missing is much of the green liner paper to the box interior as well as the lower portion of the exterior brass latch. Additionally, the cabin lid has detached from the base although all aspects of the brass hinges appear to remain intact. Otherwise, this rarely found Black Americana Log Cabin Cigar Box is in marvelous condition, and the fabulous color litho adds to this piece’s value!!!

The log cabin measures 8 inches long x 5 inches deep x 5.5 inches high.

The wonderful litho which served to advertise the cigars feature a jolly black family singing and dancing as they all – with the exception of the youngest child – enjoy a cigar! In the lower right corner of the litho “Neuman Publishers NY” is partially obscured; in the lower right corner the words “Trade Mark Frey Bros NY”.

An extremely RARE, high quality, Black Americana collectible for the distinguishing collector!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1930 item #403070 (stock #BA503)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 13 x 13 inches, this terrific example of 1920’s American Folk Art, a Black Washerwoman Whirligig, is in superb, untouched, all-original, fully functional condition!

Painted in tones of red, green, black and white and showing expected and appropriate age wear to the paint, this delightful wooden sculpture has been mounted onto a simple, present-day, wooden display platform.

Turn the propellers, and Mammy bends forward and back again as she scrubs her clothes on a yellow and black painted washboard that sits in an authentic looking, tin wash tub!

A very rare piece of early 20th century Americana!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1920 item #1207267 (stock #BA853)
Stonegate Antiques
In the mid-1800's, an unknown artist painted the face of a young Black boy in warm, soft colors, and unbeknown to the artist, forever immortalized the young boy's image! Since that time a variety of items were been produced in the image of the "Young Black boy with the Torn Hat" or "Johnny Griffin".

This circa 1910-30's Johnny Griffin item is exceedingly rare, being the only example of this form ever seen by this seller either in print, on the internet or “in person”. Clearly, very few of these smoking and/or tobacco stands were produced in comparison to other Johnny Griffin novelties!

The smoking stand is constructed of two different metals- from the intricately embossed “corn stalk” pot metal cigarette and cigar holders, to the brass plated tray, match holder, base and stand. It is in all original condition with delightful patina- not a reproduction- no replaced parts- and measures 30 inches high x 9 inches wide at the tray. It does not retain any marking other than mold number 3104 located on the underside of the tray. This very unusual smoking and/or tobacco stand is a heavy, sturdy piece, and is well-made.

Johnny Griffin Black Americana collectibles are a very interesting and infrequently found collectible form, and they should rightfully constitute the cornerstone of any serious Black Memorabilia collection!

To see all of the Johnny Griffin items currently available for sale, simply type “Johnny Griffin” into the search box on our web home page.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #427979 (stock #BA523)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 6 inches high, this highly sought after Black wax figure which is mounted on its original wooden platform, is one of a series of fascinating "street character wax dolls" conceived of and crafted by Mrs. Conception Vargas Alfonso, daughter of the world-renowned, turn-of-the-century-New Orleans, Spanish sculptor, Francisco Vargas.

From approximately 1915 through the 1930's, Mrs. Vargas-Alphonso, influenced by the artistry of her father who also sculpted in wax, crafted a variety of wax dolls inspired by the black folk she saw on New Orleans's street corners while growing up. Sold exclusively at the time through Harriet's, of 318 Rue Royale in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the completely hand-made, one-of-a-kind dolls are seldom found on today's market due to their inherently fragile nature, making them highly sought after in the Black Memorabilia Collectible arena.

This particular figure is known as Ole Charley who, severely bent over with age, was once a well known figure in the Vieux Carre.

Vargas wax figures are distinctly characterized by their interesting but highly exaggerated facial features. Ole Charley wears a yellow hat with blue band, a red patterned neck scarf, a yellow flowered shirt and blue jeans- all constructed of actual cloth fabric that was coated with a fine layer of clear wax to stiffen them. He supports all of his weight with an actual stick cane! His wax body is internally supported by a wire frame through which the figure is securely attached to the wooden base.

This wonderful figure is in very fine condition for his 75+ years of age with the following imperfections: missing left-hand fingers with present left thumb (an unfortunate, but extremely common consequence of time), a chip out of his yellow hat (which actually looks appropriate to the character!!) and a re-molded right hand- a repair made long ago. There is a spot of old glue on the base which suggests that something might be missing- a small stool perhaps? Regardless of his imperfections, his brilliantly executed face and his incredibly realistic pose is most delightful- a snapshot of New Orleans history!

Please see the other two Vargas figures that are currently available. One is depicted in the group photo and all are priced separately. Please note that the Vegetable Seller (with basket) has been sold.

Please note- photos were taken outside in natural sunlight. Any white or light spots on the figure are a result of sun glare and are not reflective or discoloration or fading.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1900 item #1166348 (stock #BA834)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring just under 6.5 inches in width, this VERY RARE, 19th century, hand-forged iron, slave collar with unusual incised detailing was recently uncovered in Texas.

Complete with functional locking mechanism and -even more scarcely found- a working key, this seldom found piece remains in excellent, all-original condition and stands as a horrid, tangible testament to the malevolence of slavery.

The collar is constructed of two, hefty, separate, semi-circular pieces of iron that are hinged together via a thick iron pin that has a "head" on either end preventing the two pieces from separating. While the interior of the collar is plain, the exterior, very unusually, has been "decorated" with incised diagonal lines cut between horizontal, incised banding at the top and bottom of each piece (see photos). The collar, thus, opens and closes at only one end.

The collar is locked and unlocked via a hand-forged locking mechanism that, amazingly, retains its original key--- an extraordinarily rare occurrence today as typically the key has been long ago lost. The locking mechanism remains smooth and is readily operable. It is unlocked by fully inserting the key and slowly turning it to the right until the pin holding the lock in place is released. To lock, reinsert the open hinge into the lock and hold in place while turning the key to the left.

An excellent and rare example of an artifact of slavery- a material reminder of the malevolence and cruelty suffered by African-Americans in 17th, 18th, and 19th century America.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1900 item #1050847 (stock #G610)
Stonegate Antiques
For those interested in collecting vintage school memorabilia, no such collection can be considered complete without the inclusion of the extremely RARE Silica Book Slate.

Bound just like a typical book, this slate was unique in that it was extremely lightweight and offered multiple surfaces on which to complete one's studies (a total of six writing surfaces including interior front and back covers and two interior pages!!). Due to the fragile nature of construction as well as the vigorous use all school slates experienced, not many of these rare slates survived.

Measuring 5 1/8 wide x 8 3/5 long (closed dimensions), the front and back boards are covered with fabric that is embossed with the name of the slate (Silica Book Slate Quartz Surface) and manufacturer info (New York Silicate Book Co).

The interior pages retain some writings that indicate that someone actually used this slate to record information as late as the 1970's!!

A simply wonderful gift for the educator!!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1930 item #831160 (stock #BA732)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring a diminutive 1 5/8 inches in diameter x 1/4 inch high, this circa 1920s, Madam C J Walker "TAN-OFF" tin is a RARE find!

This sample size tin is in very fine condition with minimal surface wear as is evidenced by the photos. The yellow coloring is uniform--any white marks seen in photos are light reflection, not wear or damage.

This product was created by the Madam C J Walker Company of Indianapolis, Indiana, for the purpose of "brightening sallow or dark skin".

It is unknown whether the contents remain as the tin cover is tightly affixed and is immovable.

Madam C.J. Walker built a fortune in the early 1900s marketing hair care and beauty products to African-American women. Born in Sarah Breedlove 1867 Louisiana of parents who were former slaves, she moved her company to Indianapolis in 1910. When she died in 1919, Madam Walker was considered the wealthiest black woman in America. Her daughter, Lelia, succeeded her as president of the C. J. Walker Manufacturing Company.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1920 item #162895 (stock #BA722)
Stonegate Antiques
This VERY RARE, delightful, circa 1915, doll or toy-sized Advertising Display Trunk is a creative sales mechanism for New York-based, RESTORFF & BETTMANN- Manufacturer's of GLYCEROLE SHOE OIL!

This fabulous metal trunk display features the likeness of 4 Black Gentleman within its copper-toned, product advertisement appearing on the interior of the trunk lid! Product testimonials are written in English, French, German,& Spanish!

Measuring 13 inches long x 8 3/4 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches high, this wonderful early trunk is in remarkable, un-restored, all-original condition and retains its original, functional lock and key! Minor surface scratches are evident along edges where wear is generally expected in an item of this age. Such scratches are most evident on the rear panel. These imperfections do not detract from the striking visual appeal of the trunk! This trunk is actually in quite remarkable condition for its 90+ years of age!

A high quality item when originally produced, please note the trunk's wonderful exterior lithographed details which mimic the exterior of an actual trunk!

A fabulous and extremely RARE, early advertising piece that doubles as a unique and RARE BLACK AMERICANA COLLECTIBLE!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1950 item #290705 (stock #BA415)
Stonegate Antiques
A delightful and visually appealing Black Memorabilia kitchen item!

This circa 1940's Mammy and Uncle Mose ceramic Vinegar and Oil Set is marked "JAPAN" on each figure's base.

The pair measures approximately 5.25 inches tall and is in wonderful, all original condition! No chips, cracks or repairs. Mild surface crazing present as is appropriate to the age. Uncle Mose is missing a portion of his original cork neck stopper - a very minor inconvenience!

A less seldom seen pair!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1910 item #1113616 (stock #BA808)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 13 inches tall, this fabulous, highly-detailed, circa 1900, folk art, cloth doll is reminiscent of William Shakespeare's era! Shall we call him Othello?

Dressed in a machine-stitched, worn-in-places (see photos), black velvet pants and shirt complete with red chain stitch accenting, the doll, Othello, also sports an original and very well-worn red velvet hat and a very frail, pair of original, black leather shoes.

Othello's face is interestingly expressive with hand-stitched black eyes and eye lashes, hand-sewn, red satin lips, and a three-dimensional nose! His hair is fashioned from wool yarn which has selectively faded in places resulting in a salt and pepper look of light tan and black.

Othello's body is fashioned of firm, cotton-batting-stuffed, black sateen cotton that has been machine stitched. As indicated earlier, Othello's red velvet gathered hat or beret is quite delicate in condition with wear, fading and splitting of the cloth quite evident (see photos). His right leather shoe remains firmly tied in place despite the wear evident to it (see photos) and only one half of the left shoe exists (again, see photos). Othello's neck has also experienced some loosening over time from the vicinity of his shoulders making his head wobbly when not supported. This can be repaired-- or not -- if desired by the new owner.

Despite his flaws, Othello, given his approximate 111 years of age, remains a beautifully-fashioned and an historically-interesting example of a folk-art-inspired, black cloth doll fashioned over a century ago to appeal to upper class clientele of the turn of the twentieth century, given the very fine attention to detailing evident in both his crafting and creation.

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1920 item #831540 (stock #BA730)
Stonegate Antiques
Please note: This item was photographed under glass, and thus some photos depict unavoidable light reflection which distorts both color and condition. Coloring of poster is rich and is uniform throughout with consistent color and tone. Please view all photos for true representation of fine condition.

Offered is a fabulous and very seldom found World War I recruitment poster that honors the service of the African-American male Army Calvary soldier.

Tastefully rendered, this 17" x 20" paper lithographed poster on cardboard depicts a World War I African-American Calvary soldier bidding farewell to his proud sweetheart/wife as his regiment marches forward off to war in the background.

This rarely found poster is entitled, "COLORED MAN IS NO SLACKER". It was published in 1918 by S.G. Renesch of Chicago (thus printed in lower left hand corner), and is one of only two WWI recruitment posters that were published for the purpose of encouraging the enlistment of male African-Americans. The theme of the two different posters was to offer participation in the first World War as an opportunity for African Americans to demonstrate their patriotism and serve their country. (The second recruitment poster was entitled "True Sons of Freedom" and invoked the memory of Abraham Lincoln and the staunch bravery of black troops to inspire African Americans to enlist.)

The poster remains in its original, black-painted, wooden frame with glass, with original nails holding the poster in place in the back.

The poster remains in very fine condition for its 90+ years of age, showing some subtle wrinkling of paper to the lower 1/5th of the poster, likely the result of subjection to dampness, although, please note, that NO water staining is present.

This poster is a credit to the service of the many African-American men who so faithfully served and died to protect the liberty of the United States of America.

A must-have addition to one's Black Memorabilia or Militaria collection!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1960 item #613156 (stock #BA719)
Stonegate Antiques
Measuring 5 inches long x 4 inches high, this wonderful 1950's George Lefton China BLACK CHEF Nodder Spoon Rest remains in fine vintage condition retaining its green ink manufacturing mark that reads as follows: "C"- in a circle (for copyright) "Geo. S. Lefton" "...13".

This great piece is in very nice condition with the exception of a light spider hairline to the GLAZE ONLY of the top of the chef hat. The spider does not penetrate to the ceramic. He also has two very tiny edge flea bites by his shoes. Other than these very minor obtrusions, this wonderful piece remains free of other fleabites or hairlines as well as free of repaint, paint wear, or repairs.

The chef's head "bobbles" or "nods" on a metal spring adding much whimsy to this piece! His face has wonderful detailing--as does his body, and he has a very pleasant facial expression!! His big wide smile accentuates his pearly whites! This cute chef holds a yellow wooden spoon in his right hand and wears an adorable red bowtie!


A delightful piece!!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1930 item #831181 (stock #BA731)
Stonegate Antiques
Offered is a rarely found, 1920-25, Milton Bradley dexterity game entitled "TWIN TARGET".

The game features a brightly colored lithograph target depicting an African-American Gent to the left and a Caucasian Clown to the right, each with wide, gaping, open mouths in which one is to aim a ball.

This brightly lithographed cardboard game retains its 3 original wooden balls as well as cardboard cover, box, and target piece.

Measuring 13 inches square, the game displays wonderfully! As evident in the photos, the box cover and bottom show expected edge wear and many years back, the box corners were reinforced with tape. In the center of the box cover, a puncture is evident (see photo) that does not go through to the inside. The interior target piece does not show the same level of wear as it was protected by the cover and box bottom. The box cover is marked on the bottom, "Milton Bradley Company, Springfield, Mass. USA" and "Made in USA 4682".

A RARELY found, quite visually captivating Black Memorabilia collectible!

All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Memorabilia : Pre 1910 item #402776 (stock #BA508)
Stonegate Antiques
This exceptional, one-of-a-kind, circa 1900, cloth doll was made and designed by Ruie Ann Park, a Van Buren, Arkansas, Civil War History author who wrote “Civil War Letters of the Shibley Brothers, Van Buren, Arkansas”.

This extremely rare SAMPLE doll was, at one time, exhibited by Mrs. Park at a Van Buren drug store for marketing purposes--orders would be taken at the drug store based upon her sample doll or dolls that were displayed.

This richly detailed, finely executed doll wears 2 authenticating cloth tags (see photos) that attest to this doll’s provenance; one tag is a hand-inked-in-script tag sewn to the base of the doll’s apron that reads “Sample”, and the other is a machine-printed tag that is stitched to the waist band of the apron and reads, “Designed by Ruie Ann Park, Van Buren, Ark., All Rights Reserved”.

This lovely, 13 ½ inch long, old black Granny doll has a delicately designed, serious looking face that has been carefully hand-etched in ink. Her curly gray hair pulled back into a bun at the nape of her neck is crafted from yarn, and she wears a small, proper brown cloth hat with pink banding. Her body is quite firmly stuffed with cotton, her hands are stitched to delineate her fingers and (separated) thumbs, and her outfit is machine-stitched and completely original. She wears unbleached, ruffle-edged, muslin pantaloons and underskirt. Her dress is cream colored cotton calico printed with black and pink flowers, and further accented with the most delicate, pink-trimmed, pink polka-dotted, lace cuffs and collar. Her unbleached muslin apron is trimmed with light pink ric-a-rac along its hem and single pocket. Her outfit is completed with black cotton stockings and authentically detailed black, lace-up leather boots.

This extraordinarily rare doll with her very unusual, documented provenance is in very, very fine condition! A truly superb Black doll beckoning to the most sophisticated of doll collectors! Also offered from the same wonderful doll collection is a circa 1920 black cloth doll named "Sallie"- another must-have!