Ethnic Collectible Jewelry + Artifacts
Margot de Taxco Reissued by Melesio Rodriguez
We have unusual vintage ethnic jewelry and collectible artifacts.
Vintage sterling and other metals from Mexico, Peru, China, Tibet, and the Middle East.

Our Vintage Collection

The silver maestros of Mexico have left a treasure of fine vintage pieces that we seek out. The old silver jewelry of Peru, other parts of Mesoamerica, and other world cultures is also quite beautiful, some because of their symbolic, primitive appeal. The tribes of China, Tibet, Egypt, Africa, and other ethnic peoples make extraordinarily magnificent jewelry, using the same tools and methods that have been used for hundreds of years. Because of their historical, aesthetic, craftsmanship, and/or other distinguishing characteristics, the pieces demonstrate the rich symbolism of these distinctive world cultures, which are remarkably creative.

Vintage Large Mexican Green Onyx Cuff
Our Mission
Is to cater to customers who appreciate the historical and artistic significance of jewelry from the past from all corners of the world. We hope you will visit us often as our collection changes daily.
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