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Working with old elements, Linda Summers has assembled a lovely necklace with an Afghan lapis pendant in the center. The beads all have many different origins and characteristics: faceted carnelian, Prosser Blue Trade Beads, Roman glass, silver Bali, and Chinese balls make up the “old” necklace. This is an unusual piece of jewelry with extraordinary Egyptian tiny metal wire “bows” chain at the end of the necklace, with a sterling loop and toggle fastener. The lapis on the vintage pendant is surrounded by metal that is probably coin silver. The necklace is 22" long. Owning such an eclectic piece as this will bring a lot of pleasure and comments.
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Tibetan Pendant Carved Dragon with Turquoise Old and beautiful, this unique pendant has two parts. One is the lovely dark brown carved dragon encircled by silver bezel. The second is a large chunk of turquoise hinged to the carved portion. It has a lot of matrix, but is a gorgeous turquoise color. The back of both parts is also carved with a dragon on the bottom and florals on the turquoise back. The bottom carved dragon part is approximately 2” diameter and the turquoise is about 11-1/2” wide X 1” tall. Chain sold separately.
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This old silver pendant is highly decorative and intriguing. Made by hand by tribal artists in this country in western Asia. This piece was originally made to go with several matching beads, strung as a bridal necklace. The starshot design is one of three prominent patterns used by Yemen Jewish silversmiths in the early 1900s. These artisans were were always conscientious about preserving wealth of his bridal customer because she would depend on her cache of silver should her husband be unable to provide for her. The surface is adorned with silver wire and raised designs and displays a rich grey and black patina with the raised silver design peeking through. This pendant also has a maker’s mark next to the ring that holds the small dangling balls. The cartouche is pressed into molten silver. The chain is 21” long and the large bead is about 1-1/2” in diameter. This is a treasure for someone who appreciates very old tribal arts.
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This vintage Kazakh silver Asyk Heart pendant is representative of those that are given to the Turkoman women as dowry gifts and worn as a symbol of marriage and fertility. The surface of this pendant is adorned with perfectly formed spirals and tiny circles made of silver wire. The edge also was wire that was flattened to create a texture. In the center is a bezel-set agate and there is still some gilt showing on the surface. This is a very fine historical piece in good vintage condition. The pendant measures 2-5/8” tall X 1-3/4” wide at the widest point. Like other nomadic tribes of Central Asia, the Kazakh’s were of Turco-Mongolian heritage. Their nomadic travels brought them to Iran, China, Tibet, Afghanistan, Mongolia, Iraq, and elsewhere. There are Kazakhs living in Turkmenistan and Turkmen in Tajikistan, and there is often a mingled influence of cultures in jewelry design and function.
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This interesting necklace was crafted by someone from a Kuchi nomadic tribe in the Middle Eastern area of the Shomali Plain in Afghanistan. The name Kuchi is translated from the Persian work for camper. The Kuchi have continued to remain a migratory tribe. These bejeweled and brightly colored robed people are known for their very lavish and ornate jewelry and embroidery work which require many hours to create. The necklace is a little over 20” long with the decorative lapis and beads occupying about 4-5”. The dangles hang down about two inches and there are 9 bezel-set lapis lazuli with tiny wire rope at the base. The rest of the necklace is silver beads, most likely coin silver with a simple hook and eye clasp. This is a beautiful, unusual and striking necklace.
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Jewelry like this necklace is authentic from the Banjaras of India and Afghanistan. Banjaras are a nomadic tribe that is known for their jewelry and fancy fabric handiwork. This necklace is is made of old Indian Banjara coins, old bone beads, and silver hanging beads. There is a sophisticated yet primitive nature of this piece gives it an eclectic sensibility that can take it from jeans to a simple dress and look equally stunning. The length is approximately 19.5 inches.
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This bracelet is very old and made of brass with a simple design of incised lines. My estimate is it is pre-1970. It is quite large 1-3/4" across the outside curvature. Inside diameter is 2-5/8" and the inside band is 1" deep. It has some heft, weighing 95.3 grams. It is very old, although I don't know the exact age. It came from a Nomadic tribe in the Middle East and was handcrafted by an artisan and is well made and is in excellent vintage condition. It is a very striking and showy bracelet and could be worn alone or with other bangles.