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These tiny sterling earrings are screw backs and date to the 1940’s. They are the Caduceus symbol sometimes used as a symbol for the medical profession. The history of this symbol began because of a link between Hermes and his caduceus and his practice of alchemy and medicine. Alchemists were referred to as the sons of Hermes, as Hermetists. or Hermeticists, and as "practitioners of the hermetic arts". By the end of the sixteenth century, the study of alchemy included not only medicine and pharmaceuticals but chemistry, mining, and metallurgy. Despite learned opinion that it is the single snake staff of Asclepius that is the proper symbol of medicine, many medical groups have adopted the twin serpent caduceus of Hermes or Mercury as a medical symbol during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A major reason for the current popularity of the caduceus as a medical symbol was its official adoption mistakenly as the insignia for the Medical Department of the United States Army in 1902. These little earrings are marked, "sterling" (part is worn away) and measure 5/8” long x 5/8” at the widest point. They are historical treasures.