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Here is one of the most unique bracelets I have ever seen. It was made by an artisan that was stamped by the government to show that it was part of the “ Industria Argentina” (Argentine Industry). It is also stamped “925” and is probably from the early 1930’s. It is a floral, ornate cutwork pattern with 4 solid silver ovals adorning the circle at equidistant intervals. The clasp mechanism is one I have never seen, which is shown in one photo. The bracelet itself has a spring character about it so that you simply squeeze it for the two locking “teeth” to fit into the appropriate spot between the cutout silver. It measures 1” wide X 8-1/2” open. Argentina has a vast heritage of mining precious metals and producing beautiful silver jewelry and vessels since before the conquistadors. Silversmiths arriving with the flood of artists and craftsmen from Portugal, Spain and Italy into Buenos Aires when it became the capital of a new Spanish viceroyalty in 1776 began a tradition that has been handed down from father to son and is very much alive today.