American Artists are our fine arts specialty. Oil paintings by American artists are always available at Susquehanna Antique Company in georgetown
American Artists Currently In Stock
We update this page frequently. Some of these American artists may not be posted to our catalog. Likewise, we may have an American artist in stock whom does not yet appear on this page. Please eMail requests for specific artists to or telephone 202-333-1511.

Thomas Allen, Jr.
George Barse
Donald B. Barton
Carolyn VanHook Bean
Paul Berdanier
Carle J. Blenner
James K. Bonnar
George H. Boughton
DeWitt Clinton Boutelle
Samuel Brecher
Walter Francis Brown
E. C. Bryant
Edward Burrill, Jr.
John Califano
George N. Cass
Edwin B. Child
Gustave Cimiotti
Charlotte B. Colman
Emma L. Cooper
Richard Creifelds
Arthur B. Davies
Louis C. Dessar
John Ward Dunsmore
Max Eglan
William H. Fisher
Kenneth Frazier
Edward B. Gay
John R. Grabach
Laura M. Graham
Joseph Grossman
Emile A. Gruppe
Hildegard Hamilton
James Hamilton
Melbourne Hardwick
William Hart
Franklin DeHaven
George A. Hays
Adele Hill
S. Phelps Hogdon
William A. Holmes
Hugh H. Howard
John Wesley Jarvis
Lewis Kronberg
E. D. Lewis
William H. Lippincott
DeWitt C. Lockman
August F. Lundberg
L.W. Luce
Charles C. Markham
Andrew Melrose
Addison T. Millar
William R. Miller
Maurice Molarsky
Josephine Morton
Frederick J. Mulhaupt
Carl John David Nordell
Edgar Nye
Robert E. Owen
George W. Picknell
J. Ambrose Prichard
Edmund Quincy
Henry R. Rittenberg
Roland Rood
William H.C. Sheppard
Anatol Shulkin
Eugene Leslie Smythe
Maurice Sterne
Helena Sturtevant
Abraham Walkowitz
Alexander Warshawsky
Ethel Warwick
Samuel Bell Waugh
Wesley Webber
Max Weyl
Gustave Wiegand
William E. Winner
W.R.C. Wood
Samuel J. Woolf
George Henry Yewell

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