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This Warszawa, Poland box is so interesting with a mermaid accenting the top corner of the box! There are fine lines of brass inlaid and embellishing the lid and bottom sides all around. Very handsome in person and quite a beautiful addition to your box collection! Measures 6/14" X 4/1/4" X 2" Thank you for visiting!
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Decorations : Holiday : Toys : Pre 1950 item #1164222 (stock #CL0060)
Delightful 1940's Jack O Lantern was most likely never used, as they were most often used with a candle, and there would have been soot. This cute guy has very few slight scuffs, near the bottom. Original glossy orange with green at bottom and paper insert with eyes and mouth and wire bail handle. Approx. 5 3/4" tall X 6" wide and 5" deep inside. Thank you for visiting! I'll be happy to send more photos!
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Specialty : Pre 1920 item #959934 (stock #CL0045)
Fabulous celluloid and rhinestones vanity items in a silk lined, embossed leather travel case! Ten items fitted in their own place (only missing a comb)...mirror, brush, button hook, tweezers, shoe horn, chamois padded nail buff, toothbrush case, swab case, a small round and a large rectangular case! The coppery silk satin lining enhances the rich caramel colored bases topped with stunning patterned celluloid with black incised art deco design set with gold rhinestones...
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Roosters, hens, chicks, pigs, sheep and geese in counted stitch hand embroidery prance across both ends of this modern terry towel from early 1980's. It has never been used and carefully stored away. It is a beautiful example of counted cross-stitch revival in the late 70's, early 80's, with excellent detail in stitching and coloration. 15" by 25", with the borders measuring 3 1/2".
All Items : Popular Collectibles : Toys : Games : Pre 1900 item #685003 (stock #B0006)
Not just for children, these blocks are even a challenge for adults! The German's are known for their excellent chromolithographs and these are wonderful depictions of Victorian children and their dogs and animals at play in various scenes. There are 4 different scenes included but I have finally figured out the 5th and am working on the final 6th scene(I told you it's a challenge...sooo much fun!) The wooden box is missing 1 end as shown in photos but all blocks are in tact...
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Most unique French candle stick with acanthus leaves swirling up from the base to twist around a candle.Seems to be new, perhaps a reproduction,but quite a handsome accent for your collection. 4" base 7" high