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Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Mid-Century Modern - Coral, Jadeite, Ivory, Rare Opals  The Strands of Time

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About The Strands of Time

Welcome to The Strands of Time and thank you for visiting my shop. As a passionate antique and vintage jewelry collector, I have enjoyed many treasures of the past. I believe that such works of art should be passed down from generation to generation. In The Strands of Time, you will find beautiful coral, jade, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and semi-precious gemstones set in high quality gold and platinum - just to name a few. As I add new items to my store, you will find everything imaginable from Victorian to Vintage, from Art Deco to Mid-Century Modern from Art Nouveau to Vintage Contemporary. Sincerely, Elaine Grieb

Our Service Pledge

My goal is to exceed your expectations by providing quality jewelry at the best possible price and quality service to all visitors to my shop. I want my customers to shop with confidence by relying upon my integrity and honesty. I will handle each inquiry with care and consideration. I will respond to inquiries and orders within a 36-48 hour period and will ship within 3 business days of the purchase completion.


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