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Antique DEFORMED HUMAN SKULL 200 Year Medical Provenance Antique DEFORMED HUMAN SKULL 200 Year Medical Provenance
Imported Antique French Hand-Carved Fireplace RARE BLUE MARBLE C.1800 Imported Antique French Hand-Carved Fireplace RARE BLUE MARBLE C.1800

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Wisdom Begins In Wonder.   ~Socrates

~ALL Of Our Catalog Listings Can Be Viewed In Person On Display @ TheZTE Gallery Los Angeles~
~Open To The Public 5 Days A Week As Well As By Private Appointment~
Authentic Original And Museum-Quality Hand-Carved Stone, Faience, Bronze, Pottery, Porcelain, Ceramics + More... Ancient Egyptian Ushabtis, Amulets, Offering Votive Figures, Statues, Statuettes, Scarabs, Stelae; Chinese Han Tang Song Ming Qing Dynasty Celadon Ware, Snuff Bottles, Terracotta Tomb Figures, Hu Vases, Ding Vessels; Pre-Columbian Latin American Pottery Figures Tripod Plates Bowls Cylinder + Stirrup Vessels- Chimu, Mayan, Nayarit, Chancay, Moche, Teotihuacan, Inca, Jama-Coaque and More; Ancient Roman (inc. the Holy Land and Levant- Pre and Post Imperial Roman Control) Etruscan Greco-Roman Mycenaean Cypriot + Greek- Statues Statuettes, Terracotta/Pottery/Glass Vessels- like the stunning Ancient Roman Rainbow Glass, Ceramic Oil Lamps- From the Bronze Age to Iron Age to the Byzantine Era, Silver + Bronze Fibula (Fibulae); A Wide Variety of Near Eastern Regional Arts- 1000s of Years of Persian Cultures (From Luristan to the Achaemenid, Seleucid, Sasanian and Ottoman Empires), The Indus Valley (ie. Bactrian and Ghandaran Kingdoms). PLUS Contemporary Fine Art From The Finest Up-And-Coming Artists To World-Renowned Masters Such as Salvador Dali and Yaacov Agam. Vintage + Antique Regional Arts such as 19th Century Tibetan Silk and Linen Thangkas, Japanese and Chinese Paintings and Masterful Calligraphy Scrolls, Porcelain + Mother of Pearl + Carved-Wood Triptychs and Diptychs, and Stunning Earthenware Porcelain Ceramic Arts From Goryeo and Song Celadon to Ming Blue and Red Copper Underglaze to the Finest Imari/Arita and Kutani Wares. Avant Garde and Unusual Antiques From Around the World- From Unusual Vintage/Antique Curiosities to 19th Century Memento Mori to Retro and Art Deco Lighting. Home Furnishings and Decor- Antique/Vintage Colonial Americana, Asian and European Hand-Carved Wooden Furniture as well as that of the most Inspiring Modern Local Artisans and Hand-Carved Solid Marble, Stone and Iron Architectural Supply Imported Directly From France. American Historical Documents and an Unparalleled Selection of Masonic Antiques and 1st Edition Antique Masonic Books and Esoterica.
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The Zep Tepi Emporium Holds A Dealer's License, Allowing Us To Legally Sell All Items Contained Herein And At Our Gallery, Issued By The California Department of Justice and a Permit of Use For Our Gallery Issued By The LAPD... We Operate A Brick-And-Mortar Gallery On Hollywood Blvd in the Heart of LA, Open To The Public 5 Days a Week, So You Can Be Assured You're Purchasing From A Licensed Professional Who You Can Trust- You Are Welcome To Make An Appointment To Come In To Our Gallery In Person And Sit Down One-On-One With The Gallery Owner To Look At and Discuss Any of the Items on this Site or that You Have Purchased- Rest Assured There Is A Face and Name Standing Behind Every Piece Sold, With A Personal Guarantee That ALL Items Offered Are Handpicked For Their Quality And Thoroughly Authenticated Before Being Offered For Sale. All Original/Limited Edition/Hand-Signed Fine Art; Ancient Antiquities and Artifacts; and Antiques (100+ Years Old) Sold By The Zep Tepi Emporium Will Be Accompanied Free of Charge By Our Certificate of Authenticity with Lifetime Authenticity Guarantee!

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Ancient Egyptian Wedjat- Eye of Horus 1070-332 BCE

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