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Antique DEFORMED HUMAN SKULL 200 Year Medical Provenance

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19th Century Human Skull; Western European (Likely British) Male; Subject Deceased c. 1800-1825; Impeccable Medical Artifact Provenance Dates Back To 1825 Birmingham, England:

The Back Half Of This Very Rare and Very Sought After Medically and Historically Importand Skull is Deformed Due To A Rare Cranial Growth Disorder: Scaphocephaly"(pronounced skaf-o-SEF-aly; from Greek skaphe meaning 'light boat or skiff' and kephale meaning 'head') describes a specific shape of a long narrow head[1] that resembles an inverted boat. It is a type of cephalic disorder which occurs when there is a premature fusion of the sagittal suture. The sagittal suture joins together the two parietal bones of skull. Scaphocephaly is the most common of the craniosynostosis conditions and is characterized by a long, narrow head." (Ref: Wikipedia;

No autopsy performed and therefore was not altered in the style for modern medical study- no punctures, cuts, sutures, wiring, repair, bracing or other manipulation post-mortem of any kind. Complete and in perfect condition- never broken or repaired- no glue or any other artificial substance of any kind is present, aside from the expected loss of a few teeth; A Very Even and Delicate Natural Patina That One Would Expect of Human Bone of This Age, Which Has Been Well Cared For... All Reasons That Make This Example Such A Highly Sought-After Medical Artifact. The skull elongation condition Scaphocephaly is rather similar in appearance, as would be expected from the similar names and descriptions of the two disorders, to the elongated skulls Famous within Ancient Egypt's 18th Dynasty "Thutmosid" Royal Line, the Royal Family which included the Pharaohs Tutankhamun ("King Tut"), Hatshepsut and Akhenaten, all of whom were shown in Sculpture and Painting of the Time with Long Extended Oval-Shaped Skulls, which in the case of the Pharaohs has been attributed to being a genetic Sagital Mutation called 'Dolichocephaly.' The elongation is difficult to photograph due to the way the line of sight is lost as the skull curves towards the back, it is much more noticeable in person than in photographs. Provenance is absolutely unparalleled, no other medical artifact of Human Remains on the Public Market, much less a human skull, has such a history of importance to modern medicine and long known history.

Provenance: Records of this skull date as far back as 1825 at which time it was entrusted to the founder of the Birmingham Medical School of England shortly before the school opened, which was to be one of the first modern Surgical and Medical Graduate Colleges in the World and only the 2nd such institution in all of Great Britain (within a few years the Medical School was expanded into a full University, which continues to operate today). The skull was acquired for the Inauguration of the Medical School to serve as the central display during the festivities of this grand innovation of education and it would become the "main attraction" for both prospective medical students and established academics. It remained on display for study and viewing at The Birmingham University School of Medicine for the majority of the last 191 years as far as we are able to ascertain, until being sold (presumably to raise funds for the Medical School) to a Medical Professional and Collector in Europe- possibly living in the Netherlands- as far as we know and this is thought to have occurred in the 21st Century. It was then brought legally into the United States to be sold through a trusted and accredited Auction House of rare artifacts in Beverly Hills, and by chance The Zep Tepi Emporium Owner, Adam Tobal, a colleague of the owners of that Beverly Hills Auction House & Gallery, was able to acquire the Skull from them in 2015.

We here at ZTE are truly honored to serve as the home of this Important Relic of Medical History until we are able to locate a new and permanent resting place where this Human Skull will be awarded the Respect and Care it most certainly deserves.