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Ancient Korean Goryeo Dynasty Ceramic Stoneware Celadon Bowls (Pair)

Ancient Korean Goryeo Dynasty Ceramic Stoneware Celadon Bowls (Pair)

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Directory: Antiques: Regional Art: Asian: Korean: Ceramics: Pre 1492: Item # 1341123
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Description: A Matching Pair of Antique (Ancient) Korean Goryeo (aka 'Koryo') Dynasty Grey Stoneware Ceramic Bowls- Goryeo/Koryo being the namesake dynasty of Modern-Day "Korea," Ca. 918-1392 CE. Each Bowl is Slightly Different in Color and Size, The slight color difference between the bowls is common in Matching Pairs of Goryeo Dynasty Stoneware Celadon Bowls, in which one would be a lighter tannish color and the other a bit darker with lovely subtle blue tone "patched in" throughout- especially noticeable on the backside of the rim where the glaze has collected in a 'drip' which hardened on the side of the bowl, and the small size variations are more likely to have occured from Natural Variation in the Hand-Making of Ceramics, but although slight throwing, glazing and firing differences are present, both are made in the same style and appear similar have very small differences in size- barely noticeable by the naked eye; each having double incised inner circles about an inch below the rim as well as 3 equally spaced apart incised flower designs on each piece, then covered and fired in a Light Bluish-Gray Celadon Glaze, using the 'new' style that had been developed in the Chinese Song Dynasty-Style, a Contemporary Dynasty of the Goryeo. The Celadon appears to have a Qingbai or Yinqqing-Esque Color (Shadowy Gray-Blue), but has a More Gray-Brown Appearance than expected of Song Qingbai Celadon due to its covering the Darker Gray Korean Stoneware- vs the appearance of Celadon over Song Dynasty White Porcelain Stone.

Condition: Overall Both Bowls Are In Excellent Condition, especially considering their age of approximately 700 to 1000 years. The Slightly Larger Darker of the two is in perfect condition and is a stunning example of Ancient Korean Celadon. The Lighter Tan Bowl, slightly lighter in both color and in size, has some "pin marks'' in the glaze which likely occurred during the original ancient firing process as they are a common feature from Wares of the Era, more viewable only when closely inspected and very common in ancient glazed stoneware; that same bowl also has the only visible repair that we are aware of on either piece, it being a triangular-shaped piece of approx. 1 inch in length extending from the rim which seems to have broken off as a single whole piece in the past and as such was able to be but back in place easily without without leaving any material of the bowl missing. The repair job looks old and somewhat lacking in grace but not effic, without the ability to skillfully hide the seam (which could be corrected by the buyer by bringing the bowl to an expert in this type of antique Korean Celadon Repair), but being that it is not very noticeable when viewed from most angles or from a moderate viewing distance and is only easily visible when viewed from one angle on the backside of the bowl, we have chosen not to reset the repair, as it is currently very stable and to redo the repair may jeopardize some of the original material during the process, and as such we have decided it more sensible (and cost effective to the buyer, who can decide) to leave the repair as-is considering that it is not easily visible and it does not present any imminent danger to the bowl becoming further damaged. Aside from the minor repair on 1 bowl, we have 2 Stunning Authentic Goryeo (aka Koryo) Dynasty Celadon Wares that survived for nearly 1 millennium without the loss of their beauty, especially when considering the rather large size of the two bowls separately and as a pair and their relative fragility, although being of quite substantial construction. BEST PRICE ON THE WEB- SINGLE Koryo Celadon Bowls Currently Listed on Troc Range: $590 to $2500/each, But We Offers Still Always Considered and will be Answered Promptly!

Provenance: From an Old Collection of Antique Asian Arts in Los Angeles, acquired legally over several decades (Pre-1970's); Authenticity of The Bowls was verified by The Zep Tepi Gallery, as well as by a MINIMUM of 1 Non-Zep Tepi-affiliated Master Appraiser their field, in this case an appraiser who's family operation is now a major worldwide figure in the field of East Asian Antiquities which is currently run by two full generations of the family business started in Beverly Hills decades ago, not to mention the Patriarch of the family even being commissioned the ADAA (The Most Trusted National Appraisal Certification Organization), for whom this Appraiser personally wrote the Final Exam which is the final objective to overcome after the 5 year long program field of field experience along side classroom study to bemuse an ADAA "Master Appraiser in East Asian Arts," "

Dimesnions: [Approx.] Diameter: 7 7/8" x H: 3" (Larger);
D: 7 5/8" v H: 2 7/8" (Smaller)