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Tomoe Art
Literati in the hermitage. Painted with ink and pigments on paper. The old paulownia box has an inscription reads Hogan Motonobu hitsu, meaning it is depicted by Motonobu with Hogan title. It is attributed to Kano Motonobu.
Kanō Motonobu (1476-1559) was a Japanese painter active during Sengoku period, the Age of Civil Wars(1467 – c. 1603). He was a member of the Kanō school of painting. Through his political connections, patronage, organization, and influence he was able to make...
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Tomoe Art
Summer sea landscape. Painted with ink and pigments on silk. A close attention paid to the reflection of colours and natural light across the landscape as well as a short, thick brush strokes are creating a vibrant surface. It captures the essence of the sunlight, colours and nature. The painting was executed in 1933, when Japanese art was influenced by impressionism of western art. This painting is one of the good examples of the artworks that reflect the era of the Meiji - Taisho – early Sho...