Susie Green
Truffle Hound Art
Sporting Dog Colin Grahaem Roe Oil on Canvas
Dog studies, horses, sporting works and other animal art a speciality
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Susie Green
Garden of England
Fabulous and reasonably priced antique and contemporary works by masters of their craft be they English artists employing oils or Japanese woodblock arists. Horses and dogs are always in my inventory - alongside camels, badgers and sheep. Works by the great wildlife artist David Shepherd (1931-2017) and 19th century English sporting artist Colin Grahaem Roe (1858-1910) sit next to works from the contemporary African Tinga Tinga School. Also featured are colourful landscapes and glorious still lives of flowers. I seek from the four corners of the globe to bring you, the most interesting and fine quality items that I can.

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George Smith RSA 1870 -1924 Oil on Board
Susie Green is the author of Tiger, a natural and cultural history of the supreme predator published by the academic and cultural house Reaktion and translated into eight languages including Chinese. She has just delivered The Dog in Art to be published by Reaktion in 2018. She has also written about animals in art and culture for The Guardian, The Daily Mail and many magazines. So when it comes to choosing your piece of animal art you can buy from Truffle Hound Art with confidence.
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